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Thursday Three: Thoughts I’ve had this week

Do you prefer to think of “Thursday” as “Thursday” or as “Friday Eve”? I think of it as both or not at all, I suppose it really depends on how the week has gone! This week has worked out okay … Continue reading

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Thursday Three – Reasons Why I think Tom Cruise is a Robot

I found this in my drafts and thought it was an excellent post for today…It’s almost a year old and why I didn’t click publish escapes me now, but here you go. Perhaps my subconscious knew that I’d want to … Continue reading

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Thoughts from the last hour

I have lots and nothing to tell you all at the same time. Life is funny that way, no? Here are some random thoughts for you I’ve had in the last hour I could tell you about the workshop we … Continue reading

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Weird thoughts

I don’t know about you, but I have some really fricken weird thoughts. I don’t think they’re all that weird, but I when I run them by friends (who often shares in my weirdness) they have no problem in telling … Continue reading

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