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This weekend was…

I don’t usually do a weekend recap because although I enjoy my weekends, I don’t think many of you care what I do for most of them. Also, as my bro said over the weekend, I’ve gotten a little boring. … Continue reading

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Things that made me smile…week 17, 2014

I’m back at it, listing out the things from the past week that made me smile and that I’m am thankful for. It’s important to remember the things that are good to help ease the sting of the bad. What … Continue reading

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Coffee Date #24

Hey there! We made it through another week even if part of it was spent thinking, “Holy crap, why am I so damn tired?” and the other part was spent curled up crocheting or sleeping when I wasn’t scheduled to … Continue reading

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5:15 am is not my friend

Awake later than I’d like…and then again earlier than is even humane. But now, I have food in my belly, cozy clothes on, and a much better outlook than yesterday. I hope your day was better. Sweet dreams. I don’t … Continue reading

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Five on Friday

Can I tell you how utterly exhausted I am? This cold is sucking every last bit of energy and excitement right out of me! Last night after a minor meltdown – okay I can admit it, it was more than … Continue reading

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