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40s for Lent

Ha. Did that get your attention? No not that kind of 40.Although that did come up in conversation the other day with a dear friend and partner in crime. We’re too old for such things now. But I did find … Continue reading

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Thursday Three: Thoughts I’ve had this week

Do you prefer to think of “Thursday” as “Thursday” or as “Friday Eve”? I think of it as both or not at all, I suppose it really depends on how the week has gone! This week has worked out okay … Continue reading

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It was a lovely day

I had today off because my office does such things and it was a lovely day. I’m thankful for my job and that it has such days off. I picked up some supplies (25% off my whole order at Michaels),  … Continue reading

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Things that made me smile. Week 4, 2013

I’m back at it, listing out the things from the past week that made me smile. It’s important to remember the things that are good to help ease the sting of the bad. (If you ask me, and since you’re … Continue reading

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WTF – Squirrel?

She’s horrified at the idea I’d buy these for Frank’s birthday. I’m horrified that it costs $15 for a squirrel with glitter. And Ashallann has shared some WTF she found at the local costume store. She’s the best!

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I got it in the bag

(As promised something more fluffy. Sorry it’s late, I was debating a friend on fb about his views on the election.) Ok…really this should be titled something like, “What I have in my bag” by you can deal, right? Now, … Continue reading

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WTF – Designer Doggies?

When I was in Saratoga last week I walked from the top of the hill to the pick up spot so I could pop in a few stores. One of the stores was a High End pet store and this … Continue reading

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Guest Post – Voice of Reason: Clothes

Last time Voice of Reason checked in, she talked about adjustments she was making in her exercise activities to better fit her personal preferences. Well she’s made some adjustments to her physical activity and they’re helping (I think.) Today she … Continue reading

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