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Coffee Date 12

Hey there friends! I see we’ve welcomed some new faces to the bunch and I always love that. Don’t be shy, introduce yourself! I put some White chocolate chip macadamia nut pumpkin oatmeal cookies on the counter, please help yourself. … Continue reading

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Roasted asparagus with smashed garlic

Today is Wednesday, right? My days are all messed up. Let me tell you, I was really annoyed that Criminal Minds wasn’t on last night and it dawns on me that it shouldn’t have been because it wasn’t Wednesday. We’ll … Continue reading

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Gotta make them Garlic Knots

Did you know that I spent a few winters working at a ski mountain? Or that one of my many hats that I wore while there was “pizza girl”. Well, technically, I was one of them. Working in the pizza … Continue reading

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When a post just won’t write itself and a question

While not everyone commented on yesterday’s post with their thoughts or questions (fraidy cats ;)) I really appreciate that you reached out to me. I may or may not write more about why I feel the need to be so … Continue reading

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