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Once Upon a Netflix Binge

Recently I got back into watching Once Upon a Time on Netflix. I felt like I missed a lot so I went back to the season before Netflix indicated I stopped watching. I’m thankful it keeps track for me. I … Continue reading

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Coffee Date

Well, hello there. Thanks for joining me for a cup of coffee. How are you today? Are you doing anything for St. Patrick’s Day? I have to be up early tomorrow so I’ll be celebrating 3/17 with laundry! And maybe … Continue reading

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40s for Lent

Ha. Did that get your attention? No not that kind of 40.Although that did come up in conversation the other day with a dear friend and partner in crime. We’re too old for such things now. But I did find … Continue reading

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Coffee date

Hi there. So nice of you to join me today for a cup of coffee. You’re looking lovely as usual. I like what you’ve done with your hair. Oh mine? I washed and brushed it today, just for you! So, … Continue reading

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Friday Five

Gosh. Friday you’ve arrived you beautiful thing, you. It was one of those weeks I didn’t think you’d come around, but you always come through. Eventually. Let’s get a quickie Friday Five in before it’s time to commence weekend activities … Continue reading

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Reading more: Twilight’s Child

Hey, remember when Lifetime released their version Flowers in the Attic? It was pretty awful, but before I could watch it, I had to read the book. Even though I’d read most of the VC Andrews books back in high … Continue reading

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One day in, no goals yet

(Pic is from a post card I got. It’s by R. Hammega Art Unlimited) I sort of want my 2014 to be as much fun as this kid was likely having. 2013 had a few more than I’d like rough … Continue reading

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Thursday Three- Reading questions for you

I’ve for a bunch of stuff going on during the day and am working on reading my Mister Max book which although I’m not loving as much of some of her previous books, I do want to finish to see … Continue reading

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Thursday Three – Recently Read(ing)

I took this photo last night after swimming in a 70*F pool in 72* weather and limited sunshine. Love those kids. It was my reward for that and picking up a friends mail.  It has nothing to do with this … Continue reading

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Five on Friday – Things to accomplish in August

I’m sorry I don’t have time to have a cup of coffee with you today, but I have to get on the road for a work meeting. Hopefully after this, I can catch my breath for the weekend. To say … Continue reading

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