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#AtoZChallenge: Q

so q is for “quoi?” as in a je ne sais quoi all my faves have it unnamed quality draws us to us to one another it’s “i don’t know what” “thing” you can’t describe more of a feeling  you … Continue reading

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Five on Friday

I have no idea why, but I’m compelled to come put some words into this space today. I don’t have anything particularly entertaining, quasi inspirational, or even all that interesting to share. Maybe it’ll make sense by the end of … Continue reading

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Day 3 #sol16 – Yarn and a hook has me hooked

Round and through and round and through…repeat and repeat and repeat 1000 times more. It started when I was a little girl at Mehmere’s side wanting to know how it worked and wanting to try. She handed me a beautiful … Continue reading

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Day 2 #sol16 – Visits

I miss them so, in many more ways than I ever thought was possible. I also see, feel, and hear them in more ways than I ever thought possible. They come to my dreams, sometimes actively, sometimes in the place … Continue reading

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A mentally grey weekend, but I saw a spot of a rainbow on my way to work today

I’ve started a bunch of posts lately, but haven’t been able to flesh them out or finish them. I’ve been quiet around here lately because I feel like I can’t talk about some things. Nothing terrible mind you, just things … Continue reading

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Coffee date 14 (with Pizza!)

Hi there! It’s nice to see you. It’s been awhile since we’ve managed date, thanks for joining me for lunch. I brought gluten free pizza from a place near my office with artichokes and chicken. It’s really yummy! So how … Continue reading

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Coffee Date

Hey hey! Hope you’re having a good day. It is Friday after all, doesn’t that mean it’s automatically better than yesterday? I’m certainly hoping so but I’m not convinced yet. Because it’s Friday, I have my Kahlua flavored coffee, but … Continue reading

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Five on Friday

Hey there! So it’s Friday – as if I needed to tell you that! (If I needed to actually tell you that, let’s have a chat.) Seeing that it’s Friday and I’m only a few sips into my Kaluah (flavored) … Continue reading

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Getting a little fruity…dried that is!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been a fan of properly dried fruit for a long long time. I’m not talking about the kind they dry with whatever chemicals or desiccants they use. I’m talking about actually dried fruit. Growing … Continue reading

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Coming soon!

I’m not going to write the post that my heart wants my fingers to type out, because whoa! It’s a Debbie Downer kind of post and we’ve had enough of that crap for a bit. I’m sure in the next … Continue reading

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