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Coffee Date

Well, hello there. Thanks for joining me for a cup of coffee. How are you today? Are you doing anything for St. Patrick’s Day? I have to be up early tomorrow so I’ll be celebrating 3/17 with laundry! And maybe … Continue reading

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40s for Lent

Ha. Did that get your attention? No not that kind of 40.Although that did come up in conversation the other day with a dear friend and partner in crime. We’re too old for such things now. But I did find … Continue reading

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Marshalls and Michaels…I’ll miss you!

Even though neither of us go to any church let alone the Catholic Church, Frank and I each gave something up for Lent.  I’ve given up different things in the past (peanut butter and meat as noted on this blog) … Continue reading

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Thursday Three – Miles left

I have three miles left to run before Easter arrives and Lent is over. 3. Not too bad. What will it look like? Mile 0 – 1. Feeling fine, I’ve got this. Mile 1 – 2. Starting to hurt, but … Continue reading

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Lenten check in

At about halfway through the Lenten season, I thought I’d check in to see how everyone’s doing (if you gave something up) and to let you know how I’m doing with mine. To recap: (You can click above and get … Continue reading

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WTF and Whoa!

Well the fashion g-ds and my wallet g-ds are in cahoots again. This happens every so often (although lately it’s more than my eyes care to admit) that my wallet g-d will put in a call to the fashion g-ds … Continue reading

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