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Coffee Date

Hey there. What’s up today? It’s been a bit since I’ve been around other than some prescheduled book reviews. I don’t really have a reason and always hate the “I’m sorry I’ve been gone so long!” posts so I’m not … Continue reading

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Progress on the house is coming along…slowly

People keep asking me how progress on the house is going. The answer is SLOWLY now. After the huge crazy push to get moved in, carpets torn up, walls painted and floors down, we’ve had a lull in house progress. … Continue reading

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THIS! And I overslept on the first day of #julyoga

I meant to get up early today to start the day with our first day of #julyoga, but I didn’t because sleep isn’t being kind to me at the moment. I actually know what the problem is though! We seem … Continue reading

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Lovely weekends make for the hardest Mondays.

My weekend? Delightful. It was tough to get out of bed today especially since I was initially convinced it was still Sunday. It was a slow morning. Saturday had some rough moments at my grandparents house while I sifted through … Continue reading

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(again) getting back on the wagon.

I haven’t been able to come up with a witty or even all that good opening for this post so I will just jump into it: I have to go meet with clients tomorrow evening to go over work that … Continue reading

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It’s a weird feeling, this calm

This morning, after picking my keys up from Frank’s office, I realized that outside of some work projects, I have no pressing matters at the moment. Dare I say it feels like life is calm right now? (Universe, that’s not … Continue reading

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Thursday Three – Things I’m loving about our house

Although it seems sometimes like we’re living in Kosovo* right now because everything is in disarray and most of our belongings are in the garage or in Troy still for now, there are a few things I’m loving about our … Continue reading

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Coffee Date #32

Hey there! Happy Friday to you and you and you and you! How are you today? Today didn’t start off to the greatest of starts, but knock on wood it’ll improve. How did it not start off well? Well, first, … Continue reading

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