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Progress on the house is coming along…slowly

People keep asking me how progress on the house is going. The answer is SLOWLY now. After the huge crazy push to get moved in, carpets torn up, walls painted and floors down, we’ve had a lull in house progress. … Continue reading

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Home. Home is good.

I’m back from AC and all cozy on the futon. Currently I’m watching CSI and am going to get a bowl of cereal. Sounds mundane, and that’s okay because I’m home. I can get a snack from my kitchen, go … Continue reading

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Atlantic City, I’m not impressed.

So I’ve been in AC since Sunday afternoon. Its not as seedy as I expected, but I’m not impressed. The hotel food and cable leaves some to be desired, the lights have induced the beginning of a migraine daily, and … Continue reading

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Yay, home!

I’m home, bonding with my futon and looking forward to getting back to “normal” tomorrow. Vacation was nice, but I like my day to day life for the most part and I end up missing parts – like driving my … Continue reading

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Thursday Three – Looking Forward

I can’t take credit for this, Lisa did this post I’ve been quite busy and it’s starting to wear on me. Sunday I have a downish day (Frank is running a half marathon so I have a couple hours to … Continue reading

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WTF – Squirrel?

She’s horrified at the idea I’d buy these for Frank’s birthday. I’m horrified that it costs $15 for a squirrel with glitter. And Ashallann has shared some WTF she found at the local costume store. She’s the best!

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#photoadayjuly – 3

Photo a day in July – Best part of my day Hugging that guy I like after a long day. Best part. He’s not a hunch back, he just gives really good hugs. #photoadayjuly

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Things I loved from last week Vol 5

I used to do something like this where I’d post something good about every day. Some days that was hard, but I usually managed to find something good about a day – even if it was that I didn’t punch … Continue reading

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