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#AtoZChallenge: U

u is for until is what it is til it’s not something marks the end this is how it is but you see when x happens? it is no longer i can’t run until reach a particular weight but maybe … Continue reading

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Non-Coffee Date

I’m just grabbing my coffee to go today, I’m sorry I can’t join you. I have to get in the road and go home to say goodbye to Nanny. It’s sad, but I’m okay and even sort of peaceful about … Continue reading

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holiday ku

once upon a time the haikus flowed like water but not so much now to remedy that today I will write you one but ask for the same remember the way syllables: five, seven, five for each little part write … Continue reading

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Afternoon Coffee Date

How are you today? What’s new? What was the best part of your week so far? I’m sure I don’t have to tell you, but it’s Friday!  It’s finally here. Praise baby Jebus, the Spaghetti Monster or whom ever it … Continue reading

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Old word ‘ ku

Is it me or has this been the longest dang week ever? Okay maybe not EVER, but in a long time. So how are you? I’m seriously looking forward to this weekend. We had plans to help a friend with … Continue reading

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Five on Friday

Hey there! So it’s Friday – as if I needed to tell you that! (If I needed to actually tell you that, let’s have a chat.) Seeing that it’s Friday and I’m only a few sips into my Kaluah (flavored) … Continue reading

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Pic 365:10 this is my husband what might be natural setting seven-eleven think goes every day for coffee and treat to eat don’t have one at home #365

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been a picture kind of day here so i’m sharing with a bonus ‘ku could i get any preppier? not sure i could i love this outfit close up of the nails not quite the peachy i thought but i’m … Continue reading

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nothing cohesive to report to you today sometimes that is good *** made brownies last night toffee cashew off of this oh my gosh! so good will share really soon so very rich and so moist (moist – i hate … Continue reading

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friend told me a joke last night at sushi dinner it is quite funny what did one eye say to the other? have a guess? something smells ‘tween us! thought it was funny was a good joke for the kids … Continue reading

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