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Friday Fill-In

I’ve got nothing today. I’m recovering from the bug that knocked me on my butt earlier this week and although feeling better, I don’t feel super awesome. Yet. Instead of a usual coffee date for today, I dug deep (or … Continue reading

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Coffee Date #22

Really it’s more of a lunch date because frankly, I’m typing this out on my lunch break. I’ve spent the last three days at work pouring over an Excel sheet and oh gosh, my eyes! my brain! and yes, a … Continue reading

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Coffee Date 18

Hi there. How are you today? Have you had a good week? What’s in your cup today? I had to settle for Caramel Vanilla coffee because I’m out of Kahlua. I might make some Chai later to make up for … Continue reading

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Getting icky words out.

I’m incredibly frustrated and upset at the moment. Last night, our landlord showed up unannounced to do some work. Okay, fine, he didn’t need access to our apartment. (Our lease stipulates that he has to notify us in advance. Our … Continue reading

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