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Friday Fill-In and a ‘Ku

Friday Fill-In and a quick haiku. (Friday Fill-In seems to be no more, but maybe I’ll write some myself.) I don’t have much time for today, but I thought it would be fun to do a just quick hit and … Continue reading

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Project Pinterest – No Bake Cookies and Cream Bars

You might know that I’m on Pinterest. I love it over there. I thought I’d bring out this new feature where I try the things I find on Pinterest. I’ve seen whole blogs devoted to just this, but I’m pretty … Continue reading

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Friday Yummy – Fabulous! Cake

As I promised, here’s how to do the super Fabulous! cake from my friend’s party the other day. Don’t worry, it’s less involved and easier than you think. It started because my friend invited us to his “Coming Out Party” … Continue reading

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Friday’s Yummy – Chocolate Cupcakes

Short of boxed mix and a can of frosting, these are the easiest cupcakes to make…and I’m not going to lie to you, they’re better and worth the extra effort. I found the recipe for these on Food.com. Yes, Food.com. … Continue reading

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Friday’s Yummy: Craisin Pistachio Magic Bars

When I was a thinner and less tall version of myself, one of my favorite holiday treats were those Magic Bars. You know the ones with the graham cracker butter crust, condensed milk, coconut, chocolate and nuts? Yes, those. They’re … Continue reading

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