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Just some numbers

I’m not about to tell you how many miles I’ve driven this year, how many pounds I’ve lost and gained, or any sort of numbers like that. (Like hell I’m sharing that last one right now…) What I want to … Continue reading

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The post I was writing deleted itself.

Has that happened to you before? You’re writing something and then it freezes and deletes? Ctrl Z didn’t work and I couldn’t find it in the drafts. Harumph. I suppose that means it didn’t want to get posted. I’m not … Continue reading

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It’s a holiday weekend and I’m not leaving town.

An update to yesterday’s post. I got my yoga in (Power Yoga w/ Heath House on Sportskool) and the wall has been quiet last night so Daddy-O thinks it left because of the banging on the wall or sonic things … Continue reading

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Movin’ it mind games

So, yeah. I finished my 40 miles of running and then took a break. Recently I started again. I can’t say that I hate it, but I know I don’t love it. I don’t know that I’ll ever LOVE running. … Continue reading

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