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Thursday Three – Projects I want to do in the car this weekend

I was writing what was turning into a cry fest post for me so I saved that and am doing this instead. Frank and I are headed to Chicago this weekend to visit family and have adult coffee/beverages while we … Continue reading

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Friday Five – Things I need to get my butt in gear with!

The picture of my hand is about reminding myself to do little things that make me smile. The pink on my nails is brighter and more bubblegum in color than it looks. Although it’s not a color I’d often choose, … Continue reading

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When my life is more scheduled…

When my life is more scheduled, I get more done. When I get more done, I feel more productive. When I feel more productive, I feel better about myself… I’m a busy girl and while I’m not trying to glorify … Continue reading

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Sometimes I…Confessions

As much as I blog and participate in social media, I also read about blogging and social media. In my reading, I’ve seen time and again that people who know about blogging say that you should write something every day. … Continue reading

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Coffee Date

I found this neat blog called Rags to Stitches through a give away and I’m pretty glad that I did. One of the features that I like is her Coffee Dates so I thought I’d try it out today. I … Continue reading

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New feature! Reader assigned task/adventure/challenge

A bit ago I came up with an idea that I would do reader assigned task/adventure/challenge and blog about them. Each month I will undergo or partake in a reader assigned task, project or activity. The kicker for some will … Continue reading

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Thinking here…don’t mind the smoke

I was thinking about starting a hopefully fun feature here at Baking in my Bathing Suit which would be adventurous and a team effort. Here’s my idea: Monthly I’ll open the blog up for a reader assigned task/adventure/challenge with limits … Continue reading

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Sperm. No. Spoon. No. Spam. YES. There we go.

No, my mind isn’t in the gutter, I’m having trouble typing today and my fingers seem to have a mind of their own. It should make for an interesting day of writing for work. I’ve been getting a lot of … Continue reading

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And I’m out…

This will likely be one of my views for the next few days. Or the pool. Vacation ridiculousness to follow. There’s a good chance I’ll be posting to Tumblr often. If you want to post while I’m gone, email it … Continue reading

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