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Coffee date

Good morning. How’s it going? Thanks for stopping by, what’s in your cup today? Even though this weekend is supposed to be HOT (like 80s) it’s freezing in my office today (not uncommon, yet still annoying) and I want to … Continue reading

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Five on Friday

If you’re here from Coach Daddy, hello! Welcome. Did you participate in the Six Words for Eli? (If you’re not visiting from Coach Daddy, this post is what I’m talking about.) So before I get started, I’m fine. Really I … Continue reading

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Coffee Date 17

Oh gosh, it’s really nice to see you today! I feel like it’s been forever! Let’s grab something to drink and get chatting. What are you having today? I think I’ll have the Kahlua Coffee with hot chocolate mixed in. … Continue reading

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I taught today to help out one of the other instructors and then hung out with Dlovely and her smooshies. I sang showtunes to this one and he only threw up on me once. And did “Yoga” with this one … Continue reading

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Wait? It’s Wednesday?

I’ll be honest, if it wasn’t for my Google calendar sending me an email of what I had on the schedule today, I wouldn’t know it was Wednesday. Seriously. I’m not sure how we got to Wednesday already or how … Continue reading

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