Once Upon a Netflix Binge


I feel like this applies to Netflix too…

Recently I got back into watching Once Upon a Time on Netflix. I felt like I missed a lot so I went back to the season before Netflix indicated I stopped watching.

I’m thankful it keeps track for me. I may or may not have watched that season again in a weekend. (Please don’t judge. It’s not nice.)

Have you seen Once Upon a Time? Are you a fan? I’m a pretty decent fan. I love the characters and their development, I love how they’re all intertwined, and how they’ve gone from largely one dimensional versions from the fairy tales to more interesting, layered and multifaceted people you can watch now.

I think Hook and Regina are my favorites. Red is up there too. I know I’m supposed to love Emma as the Savior and all but I just don’t. It’s not that I don’t like her, I just don’t love her. I like Snow when she’s being a tough cookie and Henry when he’s going against his moms’ wishes. I feel pretty meh about Prince Charming, Belle and a few others. I’m still working on my feelings towards Rumpelstiltskin.

There have been some pretty interesting twits, plot overlaps, and characters from other tales introduced and I dig it. some of it’s a bit too much, but most of it makes for a pretty good story if you’re willing to suspend your disbelief a little bit. I think part of what I love is how they’ve brought so many stories to life, but not the saccharine Disney versions.

But here I am, I’m coming to the end of the episodes on Netflix and feeling some rather silly anxiety about it. It’s sort of like that really good book you’re reading and you get to the last chapter and put it down for awhile because you just don’t want to finish it.

There’s books that spent a solid 6 months in book purgatory before I really knew how they ended because I didn’t want them to end by reading the last page.

I know season 7 is just around the corner but I do hate commercials so much – even though they do provide bathroom breaks. I always forget I can hit pause. Maybe I’ll just wait til it’s released on Netflix and watching something else in the mean time.

What do you recommend on Netflix for me? I’ve watched Orange is the New Black. Do you ever stop watching (or reading for that matter) because you don’t want the story to end?

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Good things 2017: Week 37

2017-09-19_01-53-05It’s important to remember the things that are good in life. It reminds me how blessed I really am and also helps to ease the sting of the bad. I’m incredibly lucky, there’s more good than bad (Knockonwood!) and I want to document how thankful I am for it.

A mutual friend wants to know why if I make a life sized cut out of BatGirl’s face it’s considered cute and fun, but if he does it’s considered creepy.

I told him that there’s a lot of things in life I can get away with that he can’t even if it doesn’t seem fair.

Let’s talk about some other fun things from last week, shall we?

  • The end in sight of the house prep.
  • Another short work week
  • Getting cleared from the doc on blood pressure visits.
  • Back yard drive in with some super fun people
  • Getting to see one of my favorite swim moms
  • Friends being happy
  • These Caramel Apple Cider cookies being very well received
  • Really tasty hard cider
  • Being told I wouldn’t have to give up one of my favorite swimmers, that her parents goals for her still aligned with my abilities.
  • A bunch of firsts even though one wasn’t super good (Seeing the Goonies, seeing a guy playing Top 40 hits on the acordian in the Target parking lot, and being told by my swim boss that one of the parents wanted a different instructor for her child. )
  • An unexpectedly free evening
  • Getting back to yoga class even if I don’t love the instructor. Maybe she’ll grow on me?
  • Finishing up a bunch of crochet projects to take to the next show

Good reads:

It was sort of a light week reading. I marked a lot as read because the headlines didn’t interest me.

Favorite Photo:

It’s from last summer, but it’s still a fave…

Favorite Song:

It’s a good one. I think a lot of us can relate to this on some level.

How have you been? What made you smile? Tell me about one of your successes? Read anything good this week?

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Survey Says! What’s your cowboy name?


Josephine Jack, huh? Not too bad.

Honestly, it’s prob for the best that I don’t carry though.

You can get yours here.

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Friday Five


I was practicing yoga on top of a cliff.
It might look like a nap but I assure you it was savasana.

I’ve seen a whole bunch new IP addresses stopping in for a read lately (Not to scare you off, but yes, I can see that – [waves] HI!) so I thought I’d do a quick Friday Five with some random facts about myself with some questions for you.

Long time, loyal readers please feel free to answer them too!

Let’s see here…what to share? Some of this might not be new for you to find out, but let’s give it a go.


  1. I’m an Aries through and through, for better or worse. But I’m a “grown-up” Aries so sometimes all that fire is on the inside just waiting to come out. I try to let it out in productive ways. What’s your sign? Does it apply to you?
  2. After almost 20 years in the “City” (Capital Region of NY is not so much a city as a very large town.) I’m excited to move closer to  home, see more stars, be part of a smaller town and community (the good and the bad), and slow down a little. I’m a country girl at heart. Are you a city person or a country person?
  3. If non-dairy, non-wheat based protein was easier to consume in enough quantities, I think I could relatively easily be a vegetarian. This doesn’t mean I will do it, but I could. I would also likely eat more cereal and pancakes. I’d like to eat more pancakes anyway. How easy would it be for you to not eat meat? Vegetarians, what do you miss?
  4. I like to ask the question, “Tell me something random about yourself” when meeting new people. How they react and what they share is often very telling. Possibly more than the fact itself. What would you tell me if I asked you that? First thing that comes to mind.
  5. I can “speak” American Sign Language. It’s rusty, but I can get by. In high school and college I was decently fluent, but I’ve lost a lot. When I need it, I can get by. I got good enough again to coach a swim team with a deaf girl on it who didn’t like wearing her “ears” in the water. Do you speak any other languages? When did you learn them?

There you have it, for now at least. Your turn!

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Thursday Three: More links I’ve saved on facebook

from https://www.facebook.com/SweatpantsAndCoffee/

from facebook.com/SweatpantsAndCoffee/
I’m pretty stubborn and usually brave.

You know what feature I love on facebook now? The “Save Post” for articles or links I can’t read right away. Sure I rarely go back to them unless facebook reminds me I saved them, but I found where you can see all of them and I can read them now.

There’s currently 670 of them if you were wondering. Not to worry, I won’t share all of them with you. I’m not sure why I saved some, but others? I’m glad it’s not a public feature. [wink]

Here’s a quick sampling of some of what I’ve saved to read later. And because of this post, I’ve now read them! (I looked at others but decided they were too lame to share or were broken links.)

    1. Yikes! Nope, not going there. Medieval Infertility Treatments Were Totally Insane
    2. Holy coolness! Who comes up with this stuff? Awesome. Spinach Leaf Transformed Into Beating Human Heart Tissue
    3. Some of these really sound good and I might be busy in the kitchen soon. We Need To Bring Back These 8 Forgotten Pie Recipes!


ALSO Calling all guest posts!

I’ll be out of town for an upcoming work event next month but as I’ve been inspired to write more lately, I wanted to keep the momentum going.

Previously I’ve live blogged, had guest posters, been radio silent, written a bunch for scheduled posts etc. I don’t have to post but I thought it would be nice to open it up for others if they wanted to do so.

I’ll be heading to Lake Placid in Oct and would love guest posts from you! Saturday I can do a fun Survey Says! so that’s all set.

  1. Wednesday – I want to get back to recipes on Wednesdays so if you have one you think the readers would like please let me know.
  2. Thursday – Thursday Three or Thirteen or whatever else you want because Thursday is also guest post days!
  3. Friday – Create a Friday Fill-in, host a Coffee Date or share a Friday Five!

You know the drill, anything really goes. I’ve been talking to a few people who want to dip their toes into blogging so I might have some upcoming regularly scheduled anonymous posts in the coming months.

Who’s in?

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Really fricken good zucchini muffins


That’s a normal sized muffin.
That’s not a normal sized zucchini

I was recently gifted with a zucchini bigger than my upper arm. And by “gifted” what really happened is they thought it was too “old to be good to eat” after a few days off the vine and were going to get rid of it.

Um, no. I’ll take it. Baker’s gotta get her bake on once in awhile after all. Plus, I gave them a bunch of muffins as a thank you.

I knew it would be enough for a batch of zucchini bread/muffins but what I didn’t realize was that it would be enough for 2 full batches.

(Half is currently living in my freezer for next time because I didn’t have enough gf flour for 2 batches.)

I loosely based this batch on this recipe from my friend Betty. You might know her? Betty Crocker. She rarely steers me wrong to at least start from.  You should know though that I changed some of her ingredients because I felt like it.

What you’ll need:

  • 3 cups shredded zucchini (2 to 3 medium) (Or half of one bigger than my upper arm)
  • 1 1/3 cups sugar
  • 2/3 cup vegetable oil
  • 1 TBSP vanilla
  • 4 eggs
  • 3 cups GF flour (If yours doesn’t have xantham gum in it, you’ll need that too. Currently I’m using King Arthur and it’s pretty good.)
  • 2 teaspoons baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 TBSP Pumpkin Pie Spice (if you want yours less “spicy” use 1 1/2 tsp to start.)
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder (I don’t remember putting this in and may have accidentally omitted it.  If I did, it was fine.)

What you’ll do:

  1. Preheat oven to 350°F with racks sort of low. Muffins do well so the tops are in the middle of the oven. (I don’t always do this and they’re usually fine.) Put cupcake liners in your pan. I used exactly 24. You can make this as bread loaves too, but I prefer muffins because they’re easier to hand out to friends that way.
  2. In large bowl, stir zucchini, sugar, oil, vanilla and eggs until well mixed. (This looks gross, but go with it.) Stir in remaining ingredients. If we’re being honest here, I put it in my mixer with the paddle on low, scraped the sides once and mixed again
  3. Bake 10 minutes and rotate your pans. Bake another 8-10 min, or until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean. Cool in pans on cooling rack 10 minutes.
  4. Don’t burn yourself trying to get at the goodness. Remove from pans and place top side up on cooling rack. Cool until they’re cool enough to handle. Store in an air tight container.

Snack time.
I like snacks.


Questions? Comments? Let me know how it works out for you.

**No one paid me for mention in this post. They’re just the ones I happen to like. If they’d like to pay me, I’m open to it, but my ideas and opinions are always my own.**

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Reading More: Beautiful Bodies

book square

A bunch of time back, I mentioned that I read Coming Clean. by Kimberly Rae Miller. She’s a dear friend of a dear friend, a truly lovely person, and someone I can reach out to if/when I know there’s something I need to ask her about. This is all besides the point for this post but I thought I’d mention it.

I enjoyed her first book very much and when it was announced that she was releasing a second one, I watched carefully for the pre-order announcement to be available on Amazon so I had my copy right away.

Then  it sat on my desk for awhile at work because these things happen.

Anyway. Her new book? Fantastic. Partially historical info, part memoir. It had a flavor of Mary Roach but more familiar and a little less formal.

From Amazon:

Like most people, Kimberly Rae Miller does not have the perfect body, but that hasn’t stopped her from trying. And trying. And trying some more. She’s been at it since she was four years old, when Sesame Street inspired her to go on her first diet. Postcollege, after a brief stint as a diet-pill model, she became a health-and-fitness writer and editor working on celebrities’ bestselling bios—sugarcoating the trials and tribulations celebs endure to stay thin. Needless to say, Kim has spent her life in pursuit of the ideal body.

But what is the ideal body? Knowing she’s far from alone in this struggle, Kim sets out to find the objective definition of this seemingly unattainable level of perfection. While on a fascinating and hilarious journey through time that takes her from obese Paleolithic cavewomen, to the bland menus that Drs. Graham and Kellogg prescribed to promote good morals in addition to good health, to the binge-drinking-prone regimen that caused William the Conqueror’s body to explode at his own funeral, Kim ends up discovering a lot about her relationship with her own body.

Warm, funny, and brutally honest, Beautiful Bodies is a blend of memoir and social history that will speak to anyone who’s ever been caught in a power struggle with his or her own body…in other words, just about everyone.

As someone who has an on and off weird relationship with food, how I look and how I feel about my body this was an interesting read. I appreciated the candid way she spoke about her experience, struggles, and successes. And I have to say, this girl is funny.

I also found myself looking for texts she’s cited because the research was interesting. While I’m not sure I’ll go back and read them, it was nice to have them on hand for further reading. Also, if you’re one who skips footnotes, don’t. You’ll thank me for saying so.

I look forward to her next book, which I hear is already in the works.

Is this something you’d read? Why or why not?

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Good things 2017: Week 36


This tree is totally dead.
In an insanely beautiful kind of way.

It’s important to remember the things that are good in life. It reminds me how blessed I really am and also helps to ease the sting of the bad. I’m incredibly lucky, there’s more good than bad (Knockonwood!) and I want to document how thankful I am for it.

I’m in an interesting – but really good – place. (Knock on wood, let’s not tempt fate here.)

Some of the really good/fun/best things that are happening? I can’t talk about here just yet. I have to talk to him about the whole blogging thing.

Also, some of my coolest pics? They’re of his kids and I’m not going there. At least not yet, maybe not ever.

There’s a whole lot of new to navigate and while I work some of that out, let’s see about some of the good things from last week I can share now.

  • Being part of Coach Daddy’s 6 Words on who you’d back in time to hug…Go tell him who you’d like to hug.
  • Short work week.
  • Late night hugs and laughs
  • Space to do what I need to do for me.
  • Friends who have been there (and still are) to help navigate the new. Every situation is different, but knowing that some candid people I admire and respect have been there make it a little easier.
  • Driving around the orchard in the buggy trying apples and laughing.
  • Doors being painted
  • Random people telling me I’m lovely. Sounds silly but sometimes it’s nice to hear.
  • Really fricken awesome zucchini muffins.
  • A great group of kids to come back to the pool to for the session! (So many smiles, high fives and a few hugs.)
  • Delightful lunch with a colleague and our previous boss.
  • Hiking up Vroman’s nose for the first time. I’m not much of a hiker, but I like being outside and it was fun. And there were lots of puppies to pet. And pictures to take.
  • Breakfast with the lovely MsBix.

Good reads:

Favorite Photo:

I found this on my phone from awhile back. It’s my favorite photo this week


One of MsBix’s girls.
They give the best eggs.

Favorite Song:

Basically anything by Chris Stapleton these days

How have you been? What made you smile? Tell me about one of your successes? Read anything good this week?

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Coffee Date


Not yet, but soon!

Howdy. How’s the first full week of September treating you? Has fall in all it’s gory taken over where you are or is that special to NY? Confession time. I baked with Pumpkin Spice the other day and it was amazing. (I’ll post that recipe on Wednesday.)

Don’t worry, I was wearing my painting yoga pants and flip flops, not leggings and Uggs.

What’s in your cup today? I have cinnamon sugar cookie with coconut creamer which reminds me I have to see about getting more. It’s very tasty. I checked into Amazon but it’s way too expensive over there. I have to wonder if it was a seasonal one from last year that they aren’t bringing back.  I hate that. Don’t you?

What seasonal thing did you love that they aren’t bringing back again? This summer Dunkin’ didn’t bring back their Arnold Palmer Coolatta which made me ridiculously sad.  It might have been a partially whormonal feeling response though. There’s no reason to tear up because Dunkin’ doesn’t have your beverage of choice.

How has your week been? Mine has been pretty good. I’m terribly worried about friends down south, but they’re keeping an eye on things and doing what they’re supposed to (I think.) I’ve been donating to a few teachers’ and shelters’ Amazon wish lists so I know people are getting what they need directly, but I feel a little helpless to help people in Houston otherwise.

But I try to say prayers instead of just worrying. It takes the same amount of energy and maybe helps. Worrying sure doesn’t. Me being an anxious mess and getting an ulcer doesn’t help anyone.

Do you have anything fun planned for the weekend? We’re supposed to have a break from the rain so I think we’re going to check out a local visitor’s center and maybe go for a hike and have a picnic. The weather report is basically for a perfect fall day. Sunday I think I’m having breakfast with a dear lovely friend and maybe a movie.

What are you up to this weekend?

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Good things 2017: Week 35


The apples are looking good!
I didn’t eat this one, but the one I did eat was tasty.

It’s important to remember the things that are good in life. It reminds me how blessed I really am and also helps to ease the sting of the bad. I’m incredibly lucky, there’s more good than bad (Knockonwood!) and I want to document how thankful I am for it.

There’s a whole lot of crap going on out there and some of it’s scary. Since I don’t necessarily want my blog to be a scary place or rehash things many other people are saying much better than I am, I’m not going to talk about those things.

How about some good stuff from the last week instead?

  • Not having to buy a wooden rod because Daddy-O has one that’s broken, but I can have. (Which he brought to me on his motorcycle.)
  • Hugs from kiddos
  • Apples are looking and tasting good!
  • Not having a hangover after moonshine/brandy sampling.
  • Kitchen and bathroom being done! Doors are all hung too. Now to clean.
  • Early days out for a long weekend.
  • Finding a certain level of friendship with Frank.
  • A thank you from a co-worker friend who is facing a health challenge for giving her some of my sick days.
  • Decently successful lawn sales to get rid of stuff.
  • Zyrtec (knockoff)

Good reads:

Favorite Photo:

I asked for shelves, I got shelves.
This bathroom makes me happy now.

Favorite Song:

Love the spin.

I’m also a huge fan of Garth’s new song, “Ask me how I know.” but I haven’t found it on youtube yet.

How have you been? What made you smile? Tell me about one of your successes? Read anything good this week?

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