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Friday Coffee quickie

No, not that kind, although I’m not opposed. I’m actually writing this late Thursday night – technically Friday morning but I wanted to make sure I said hi. I do love our Friday chats. I’m facilitating a training today for … Continue reading

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Thursday Three – Recent random pics from my phone

He asked, “How many pics do you even have on your phone?” About 1,300 give or take. I like to take pictures to share with people. Sometimes I turn them into blog posts, sometimes they’re just for me, sometimes they … Continue reading

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Survey Says! How Court died in a past life

If you can’t read that, it says that Courtney died in 1648 by falling off a cliff. How morbid. This accident cost you your life at the time, Courtney! You were a good person whose death shook many people. That’s … Continue reading

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Coffee Date and a little #AtoZChallenge: R

Friday, you’re late! No, not really, but I missed you so it feels like it. I had a real hankering for chocolate donut coffee today so I stopped at Target on the way into work to pick some up. They … Continue reading

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#AtoZChallenge M

m is for maybe could be yes, but could be no just feels like limbo it’s one of my least favorite words, but one used maybe too often little bits limbo? they’re okay and expected big things it’s not good … Continue reading

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This is why I don’t take Nyquil…alternate title, Maybe I should take more Nyquil?

Insomnia hasn’t been stopping by lately, which is awesome, but it also means I’m dreaming more. To say my dreams are vivid would be an understatement. They’re REAL. As in vivid enough that when I wake up sometimes I’m mad … Continue reading

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Thursday Three – Ways I get through tough days

I was recently asked how I stay so happy. Honestly, I see it as a choice. I can let the crap get me down or I can find the happy in each day – even if it takes some work. … Continue reading

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Five on Friday

I have no idea why, but I’m compelled to come put some words into this space today. I don’t have anything particularly entertaining, quasi inspirational, or even all that interesting to share. Maybe it’ll make sense by the end of … Continue reading

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Coffee date

Why hello there! What’s in your cup today? I’m having coconut coffee with hot chocolate mixed in. I needed something a little sweeter today to help get me through. It was so tempting to take the day off from work, … Continue reading

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40s for Lent

Ha. Did that get your attention? No not that kind of 40.Although that did come up in conversation the other day with a dear friend and partner in crime. We’re too old for such things now. But I did find … Continue reading

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