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Thoughts on the upcoming Thanksgiving

The last two weeks have been crazier than my usual acceptable crazy pace. I traveled both north and south for work, seeing my work in a window display in the north but not seeing BatGirl in the south. Both presentations … Continue reading

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This weekend by the numbers

Right to the point? We spent the holiday weekend painting. Well first we had to eat dinner, organize supplies, prep and repair walls, remove trim, fill nail holes in trim, and prime…then we got down to painting. My motley crew … Continue reading

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Coffee Date #33

Hello friends! How are you today?  I’m a little sore from yesterday’s Workforce Challenge. It was a tough one! What can I say? Between a prolonged recovery time from being so sick last month (I still sound like I’m dying … Continue reading

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…Sweet dreams. Gratefully yours, Court

We made it to our destination with minimal travel issues for which I am thankful. We had a busy day with coffee drinking, picking up deodorant so I wasn’t the smelly tourist, touring the Kennedy Space Center, and sitting in … Continue reading

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Nice moments

Sometimes life throws you crappy crappy things and we deal with it and move on. Sometimes life rewards you with very nice moments after the crappy things.  Beautiful sunsets after a really hard day at work, a great swim lesson … Continue reading

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Things that made me smile, Week 8, 2014

I’m back at it, listing out the things from the past week that made me smile and that I’m am thankful for. It’s important to remember the things that are good to help ease the sting of the bad. What … Continue reading

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Thursday Three – Giving thanks for blogging

Nope these dogs have nothing to do with blogging, they’re just funny. You might know that today is Thanksgiving. As such, I’ve been spewing my thanks all over. texts,  emails, Facebook posts, you get the idea. There’s more to come … Continue reading

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Two things about today

Just popping in quickly to say hello and to let you know two things about today: It is Lance’s birthday. It’s a day worth celebrating. It is World Kindness Day. I find this to be interesting because Lance for all … Continue reading

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Excerpt from a soldier’s journal

I’m not going to lie, this series of posts may be difficult to read for some of you. Parts were certainly less easy to read for me for sure. I an thankful that my brother is willing and knock on … Continue reading

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Photos from yesterday and today

Yesterday: I’m almost positive he wanted his friend to move in so he could distribute in our neighborhood. A pretty kitty dress for Em’s birthday. Today: Marathon game face. Partway through. Thanks for the photo BB! Post marathon. Here’s what … Continue reading

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