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1461 days

Four years ago today I anxiously waited for a train to get in from Chicago. It had a guy I’d been talking to for awhile on it. I knew two things – I was excited to meet him and I … Continue reading

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You’re how old and still teaching swimming lessons?

For the record, I’m 33. And a half plus a few weeks if you want to get technical. I’ve been teaching on one pool deck, lake front or pond for 18+ years now. And yes, I still teach swimming lessons. … Continue reading

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It spent most of the morning storming here. Big flashes of lightening, loud booms of thunder, green grey skies. You know. Bad storms. If you’re local, you probably knew that because it covered most of the area. What you might … Continue reading

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Goldenrod can go.

I could recap the weekend for you, but as pleasant as it was, it wasn’t that exciting. At least for most of the people I know. I mean I got to see one of my childhood friends get married and … Continue reading

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Focus? What’s that? Memory? Ha!

“blink blink blink” goes the cursor. I had a great idea for a post today on my way to work. I really did. Then somewhere along my drive, it escaped me. Poof. It popped like a bubble in the wind. … Continue reading

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Right and wrong: England, Michael Pritchard, Red Sox, yes, @rollingstone NO!

I don’t have anything new yummy wise for you to eat today unless you want to talk about Chobani or green beans so let’s just move on. (If you want something tasty, you can look here at any of these … Continue reading

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Taking my joie de vivre back

I wanted to recap the super fun weekend I had, but I didn’t get my photos edited so it’ll have to wait. Suffice it to say, it was a great time and I love my new ink. It’s not a … Continue reading

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Thursday Three – Apologies

In speaking with Momma last night, it came to light that I was even more of an butthead than I recall being. I won’t get into what I said or did, but I felt like a giant pile of poop … Continue reading

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Workforce Challenge Recap

Even though it’s been a rough few weeks physically (serious allergies, stomach flu and now the lower half of my body hates me from Whoremonal related reasons) I was signed up to run the Workforce Challenge with colleagues and run … Continue reading

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Weird thoughts

I don’t know about you, but I have some really fricken weird thoughts. I don’t think they’re all that weird, but I when I run them by friends (who often shares in my weirdness) they have no problem in telling … Continue reading

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