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I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.

201ish hours later…

I don’t even know where to start. The last 201-ish hours (as of writing this post) seems like an entire lifetime ago. When you lose a dear friend and are holding another dear friend up and navigating grief it might … Continue reading

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Survey Says –Which 40s Leading Lady are you?

“The iconic 40s woman that you are most like is Lana Turner! Much like Ms. Turner, you’re a natural born adventurer. You like to travel, explore new cultures, and immerse yourself in different experiences. You can quite easily feel bored … Continue reading

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The post I was writing deleted itself.

Has that happened to you before? You’re writing something and then it freezes and deletes? Ctrl Z didn’t work and I couldn’t find it in the drafts. Harumph. I suppose that means it didn’t want to get posted. I’m not … Continue reading

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Survey Says –What’s your calling?

“Courtney, you should actually be a CEO! You are unbelievably intelligent and quick-witted. You can solve any problem in seconds. Everyone wants to be as talented as you!.” Oh I don’t know if I want to be the CEO though. … Continue reading

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Hi Nanny

This pic popped up in my On this Day on fb today. It’s from a cold rainy day at the camp about 7 or so  years ago… Last weekend I took some time off of house stuff to go out … Continue reading

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Survey Says – Leading Personality Type

“Your answers reveal that passion is your most dominant personality trait. You commit 100% of yourself to everything that you do. People admire the good energy you bring into their lives. You listen to your heart when making a big … Continue reading

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Thursday 10 – Things I have to finish on the house…

I’m going in what feels like a thousand directions right now but is mostly just GET HOUSE STUFF DONE. (And see my bro and nephew as much as I can while they’re in town. And to fit in a brief … Continue reading

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Reading more: Brew or Die

Brew or Dieby Caroline Fardig was provided to me by my partnership with NetGalley. The opinions are my own. You can see other books I’ve reviewed here. Any time one of these Java Jive Mysteries comes up I jump at … Continue reading

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Friday Coffee quickie

No, not that kind, although I’m not opposed. I’m actually writing this late Thursday night – technically Friday morning but I wanted to make sure I said hi. I do love our Friday chats. I’m facilitating a training today for … Continue reading

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Thursday Three – Recent random pics from my phone

He asked, “How many pics do you even have on your phone?” About 1,300 give or take. I like to take pictures to share with people. Sometimes I turn them into blog posts, sometimes they’re just for me, sometimes they … Continue reading

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