General 411

Hi there.

I’m me.

You’re you.

I’m pretty sure we can be friends.

I’m hardly anonymous, but I’m not sure my name matters…I do ask if you know it, not to use it.  A girl has to have her secrets right?

A few disclaimers:

First, I use my own content or I’ll tell you where I got it (if I can find the source). If you see something of yours that I’ve used and haven’t cited, please let me know. I’m a “credit should be given where credit’s due” kind of girl and get right pissy when someone takes my stuff. Also, I’m nice, so if you see something you like and want to use, most likely I’ll share if you just ask.

Second, I expect everyone to play nice around here. I’m a big girl and can take criticism (prefer the constructive sort) but I don’t expect that others will rip apart other readers or guest posters. If you can’t play nice, I will remove you from the sand box.

Third, the opinions around this joint are my own unless someone else is writing them or I’ve quoted them. If I’m paid for something or given something free to try, I’ll let you know that it was the case. Please note that if I get something free, it doesn’t mean I will write something good about it unless I believe it. I’m one of those opinionated sorts who is more than willing to share what I think when asked. Sometimes when I’m not too.

Continuing on, I’m open to guest posts. Thursdays are specifically set aside, but if there is a pressing matter, I can be flexible with that. Guest posting is open to anyone who would like to do so. I will not edit content, but I do reserve the right not to publish a submission if I feel it will be more hurtful than helpful to others.

Lastly, I write and share for me. While I hope you enjoy coming to visit, if you don’t there are a crap ton of other blogs, sites, forums, etc to visit. If you do like coming here to visit, please feel free to tell me what you enjoy the most and even what you’d like to see. I might be able to make it happen.

That’s all for now folks. If you have questions, leave them below or ask them here .
I can also be found around the net:

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