Coffee Date

Fotor_150959563931869Oh hey! Fancy meeting you here. I haven’t seen you in forever. Thanks for coming by. What’s new? What’s in your cup?

I just have boring coffee with coconut creamer in my Perfect is Boring cup. Today it was all about getting hot caffeine in the cup to put in my belly. You know what else went in my belly with it? A mini Snickers bar. After a brief sugar detox, I’m better at not eating as much again and stopped at just one!

(I also left the yarn store with just the one skein I needed last night even though it was buy 2 get one free. Who am I? Not to worry, I have to go to the other yarn store today for a particular crochet hook size I don’t have so there’s time to find myself again.)

So what have you been up to? There’s a lot going on right now like finally listing my house and starting to pack. GASP. Like spending a whole lot of time with the guy I’m seeing and his kiddos. Like buying a shed to keep stuff in while I figure out what’s next. There’s also work, spending time with other loved ones, filling in at the pool when I can, watching child hood favorite movies, and participating in a photo challenge.

Oh and Christmas/birthday crafting. You know, the usual.

I’m excited for several of the crafts. The first one because a friend of a friend reached out to me to try and recreate a holiday stocking her grandmother made for them. Dear Sweet Granny is 99 now and crocheting isn’t an option so I’m giving it a whirl. I guess blathering on and on about my hobbies did pay off. Another one I’m excited for is a  hat because one of the kiddos is excited about yarn I thought she’d like and has picked out a pom pom hat to be made from it. She seems excited to have something made just for her.

And the bday and Christmas pj pants. That’s another thing I have to get cracking on for my g-d kiddos and a few others.

Maybe I shouldn’t have listed all that out. Now I’m nervous it won’t get done! Oh well, it will. Just breathe Court. It’ll happen.

So are you ready for the holidays? I’m excited for next week because it’s Thanksgiving and I like stuffing and pie. I fully plan on sourcing some gluten free versions of both and consuming as much as possible. I might have to make some durkee beans too, but the crispy fried onions are tough.

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dish?

About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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