Coffee-tail date

21272491_10103010909545092_4445971595732941619_nHey there! How’s your week been? Mine has been the kind that you want to end with a drink, but I have an early morning tomorrow so I won’t. How about a cup of coffee instead?

Well, technically it’s what those young kids call “Happy Hour” at the moment but let’s be real for a minute – being on time is only sometimes my thing. (More often now than ever though!) Being able to roll with it and adapt is most often my thing though so there’s that.

If you want a cup of coffee with a little something something in it, I’m good with that. (I recommend Frangelico, Vanilla Vodka, and Chocolate Liqueur in it with some creamer and sugar. Or Kahlua, I do enjoy that here and there also.)

As summer’s come to a close, I’m finishing up the hard seltzers I spent the summer enjoying and moving to the slightly heavier hard ciders and red wines.

(If you’re curious my preference for the hard seltzers goes White Claw > SpikedSeltzer Hard Seltzer  > Truly. There are other brands, but those are the ones at my local stores.)

I like the less sweet hard ciders the most. There’s some that are hopped and they’re pretty tasty. The dry ones are usually okay by me too. I tried a Hibiscus and Ginger bottle the other night and it was good but had a very strong flavor. I think this week the Hometown Homicider (not pumpkin spice) is my favorite one. (It’s not technically gluten free though so I maybe have to pick something else next time.)

As for wines, a friend turned me on to a pinot noir by Layer Cake Wines and it’s darn good. Bully Hill (Love My Goat) is a long time great choice for my liking, but I’m down to try new wines.

I’m not opposed to a solid cocktail. I’ve  had some good ones and if the bartender is a mixologist I might ask them to surprise me (not including bananas, peaches, or kiwi flavors). I’ve had some good luck with doing so. There was an elderberry something or other with basil or mint in Buffalo that I’ll never forget (well more than I’ve forgotten about it already. The Bro’s wedding was a really long night.)

If we were having a cocktail/mocktail/beer/glass of wine/etc what would you be having?

So do you have anything planned this weekend? I’m heading to yoga in the morning and then to spend the day with the guy I’ve been seeing and his kiddos. I don’t know what we’re doing yet, but I bet it has something to do with pumpkins or apples!

Hope you have a great one. Enjoy that drink.

About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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