Coffee date


Yes my hair and fingers are that long.
One of those shouldn’t be a surprise 😉

Good morning. How’s it going? Thanks for stopping by, what’s in your cup today?

Even though this weekend is supposed to be HOT (like 80s) it’s freezing in my office today (not uncommon, yet still annoying) and I want to just climb into my coffee cup.

It’s filled with caramel vanilla coffee and coconut creamer though. It sort of smells like caramel popcorn and I really like it.

What’s in yours?

How has your week been? Mine has been too long and my temper too short.  I’m a little overwhelmed with the house at the moment but I’m guessing that part’s more likely whoremones being jerks than me being actually overwhelmed.

What wasn’t though? Wednesday we got some heart skipping scary news a dear friend was in emergency brain surgery due to an aneurysm. She got through surgery and I’ve heard from her a bit. She’s a tough chick and hopefully her recovery goes well. She’s such a love and a kind soul I couldn’t imagine not having her in my life. (She’s starting to feel better, is overwhelmingly grateful to be alive and pissed that her head is shaved.)

I really appreciate everyone who offered prayers and good thoughts. I believe and I know she does too they all helped her though surgery and will continue to help in recovery.

On a happier note (hopefully) what do you have going on this weekend? Anything exciting? I’m off in a bit to meet my friends new baby and hug them both. Tomorrow, I have to teach but then I’m not sure if we’re taking the kids to a late lunch or to the wild life festival. Sunday, I have to work at a conference for my jobby-job but it shouldn’t be too terrible. (knock on wood) It might even be good for me.

I’m off. I need a refill (maybe half-calf) and to get on the road. There’s a baby who needs snuggles and a dear friend who I have to catch up with!

About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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