Thursday Three – Things I’m specifically looking forward to this fall


I suspect this scene will be happening often this fall.
The apples are really good.

Happy Fall Eve! I’m a pretty big fan of fall even if I don’t like pumpkin spice __{insert food or whatever of your choice}__. (I like baking with pumpkin though so bring on the pie, cookies, etc.)

While some see it as an end, I tend to see it as chance to start a new chapter. The leaves get a chance to be lovely in their new colors, school starts over, you get to pull out the warmer clothes, scarves and boots for another round.

Maybe a new pair of tall boots…wait that might just be me.

I’ve previously mentioned why I love fall. Fall has a particular smell around here, there’s a certain relaxing sound to the leaves rustling against each other, and a chill in the air which brings a flush to your cheeks. And runny noses too, but that’s besides the point.

You sit closer to the fire pit, cuddle up a little more on the cooler nights, and maybe add an extra layer before you head out the door. You get to wear the hats and scarves I’ve made for you. {wink}

Lemonade is traded for cider (maybe with a little extra kick) and iced coffees are traded for hot chocolate with whipped cream. (Also maybe with a little extra kick?) And we can’t forget how mother nature paints the landscape with some of my favorite colors.


That red tree to the right of center is one of my favorite colors.

That’s a lot of years though. It’s a familiar, comfortable pattern to step back into year after year.

Maybe in the hubbub of life and a lot of pending change, some familiarity is  what I need, though.

The standard things aside, this year I’m particularly excited for a few upcoming things:

  1. Apple* cider making! The apples are coming in fast and are really good. I think we’re going to be making cider in the next few weeks! I fully plan on trying my hand at hard cider, too.  I don’t think I’ve made apple cider ever unless you count the field trip to a cider mill in 3rd grade.
  2. Pumpkin carving and painting! My friend has some great ideas she’d like to see happen with big white pumpkins, beautiful orange ones, and giant gourdes which her husband grows and sells.
  3. Craft shows! They’re looking promising for connections and sales. My hands and brain have been busy which means fun new things to share. I kind of love meeting new people and running into familiar faces of other crafters and vendors. I’ve met some pretty cool people through the craft show circuit (Like my Drunk Hookers club!)

What are you most excited for this fall? What do you like for an extra kick to your cider or hot chocolate?

*I suppose I should say I’m excited for everything apple related. I already made a couple of pies and I’m sure there will be more. I want to try my hand at making and jarring applesauce, and to see what’s up with the gluten free puff pastry for some apple turnovers.

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I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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