Once Upon a Netflix Binge


I feel like this applies to Netflix too…

Recently I got back into watching Once Upon a Time on Netflix. I felt like I missed a lot so I went back to the season before Netflix indicated I stopped watching.

I’m thankful it keeps track for me. I may or may not have watched that season again in a weekend. (Please don’t judge. It’s not nice.)

Have you seen Once Upon a Time? Are you a fan? I’m a pretty decent fan. I love the characters and their development, I love how they’re all intertwined, and how they’ve gone from largely one dimensional versions from the fairy tales to more interesting, layered and multifaceted people you can watch now.

I think Hook and Regina are my favorites. Red is up there too. I know I’m supposed to love Emma as the Savior and all but I just don’t. It’s not that I don’t like her, I just don’t love her. I like Snow when she’s being a tough cookie and Henry when he’s going against his moms’ wishes. I feel pretty meh about Prince Charming, Belle and a few others. I’m still working on my feelings towards Rumpelstiltskin.

There have been some pretty interesting twits, plot overlaps, and characters from other tales introduced and I dig it. some of it’s a bit too much, but most of it makes for a pretty good story if you’re willing to suspend your disbelief a little bit. I think part of what I love is how they’ve brought so many stories to life, but not the saccharine Disney versions.

But here I am, I’m coming to the end of the episodes on Netflix and feeling some rather silly anxiety about it. It’s sort of like that really good book you’re reading and you get to the last chapter and put it down for awhile because you just don’t want to finish it.

There’s books that spent a solid 6 months in book purgatory before I really knew how they ended because I didn’t want them to end by reading the last page.

I know season 7 is just around the corner but I do hate commercials so much – even though they do provide bathroom breaks. I always forget I can hit pause. Maybe I’ll just wait til it’s released on Netflix and watching something else in the mean time.

What do you recommend on Netflix for me? I’ve watched Orange is the New Black. Do you ever stop watching (or reading for that matter) because you don’t want the story to end?

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