Friday Five


I was practicing yoga on top of a cliff.
It might look like a nap but I assure you it was savasana.

I’ve seen a whole bunch new IP addresses stopping in for a read lately (Not to scare you off, but yes, I can see that – [waves] HI!) so I thought I’d do a quick Friday Five with some random facts about myself with some questions for you.

Long time, loyal readers please feel free to answer them too!

Let’s see here…what to share? Some of this might not be new for you to find out, but let’s give it a go.


  1. I’m an Aries through and through, for better or worse. But I’m a “grown-up” Aries so sometimes all that fire is on the inside just waiting to come out. I try to let it out in productive ways. What’s your sign? Does it apply to you?
  2. After almost 20 years in the “City” (Capital Region of NY is not so much a city as a very large town.) I’m excited to move closer to  home, see more stars, be part of a smaller town and community (the good and the bad), and slow down a little. I’m a country girl at heart. Are you a city person or a country person?
  3. If non-dairy, non-wheat based protein was easier to consume in enough quantities, I think I could relatively easily be a vegetarian. This doesn’t mean I will do it, but I could. I would also likely eat more cereal and pancakes. I’d like to eat more pancakes anyway. How easy would it be for you to not eat meat? Vegetarians, what do you miss?
  4. I like to ask the question, “Tell me something random about yourself” when meeting new people. How they react and what they share is often very telling. Possibly more than the fact itself. What would you tell me if I asked you that? First thing that comes to mind.
  5. I can “speak” American Sign Language. It’s rusty, but I can get by. In high school and college I was decently fluent, but I’ve lost a lot. When I need it, I can get by. I got good enough again to coach a swim team with a deaf girl on it who didn’t like wearing her “ears” in the water. Do you speak any other languages? When did you learn them?

There you have it, for now at least. Your turn!

About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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