Thursday Three: More links I’ve saved on facebook


I’m pretty stubborn and usually brave.

You know what feature I love on facebook now? The “Save Post” for articles or links I can’t read right away. Sure I rarely go back to them unless facebook reminds me I saved them, but I found where you can see all of them and I can read them now.

There’s currently 670 of them if you were wondering. Not to worry, I won’t share all of them with you. I’m not sure why I saved some, but others? I’m glad it’s not a public feature. [wink]

Here’s a quick sampling of some of what I’ve saved to read later. And because of this post, I’ve now read them! (I looked at others but decided they were too lame to share or were broken links.)

    1. Yikes! Nope, not going there. Medieval Infertility Treatments Were Totally Insane
    2. Holy coolness! Who comes up with this stuff? Awesome. Spinach Leaf Transformed Into Beating Human Heart Tissue
    3. Some of these really sound good and I might be busy in the kitchen soon. We Need To Bring Back These 8 Forgotten Pie Recipes!


ALSO Calling all guest posts!

I’ll be out of town for an upcoming work event next month but as I’ve been inspired to write more lately, I wanted to keep the momentum going.

Previously I’ve live blogged, had guest posters, been radio silent, written a bunch for scheduled posts etc. I don’t have to post but I thought it would be nice to open it up for others if they wanted to do so.

I’ll be heading to Lake Placid in Oct and would love guest posts from you! Saturday I can do a fun Survey Says! so that’s all set.

  1. Wednesday – I want to get back to recipes on Wednesdays so if you have one you think the readers would like please let me know.
  2. Thursday – Thursday Three or Thirteen or whatever else you want because Thursday is also guest post days!
  3. Friday – Create a Friday Fill-in, host a Coffee Date or share a Friday Five!

You know the drill, anything really goes. I’ve been talking to a few people who want to dip their toes into blogging so I might have some upcoming regularly scheduled anonymous posts in the coming months.

Who’s in?

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I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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