Thursday Three: Things I’ve tried recently that were actually pretty good


Lunch when I forgot to bring it a few weeks ago. 

I know yesterday’s post was a little heavy. Sometimes life is a little heavy. Shrug – it happens, we deal, put one foot in front of another and move along as best as we can.

Part of me moving along as best as I can is getting back to what “normal” looks like for me, even if it’s a new normal.

Normal for me for a long time has meant blogging and sharing – even the random stuff. I think the random stuff is the most fun, but sharing what’s going on.

I thought today I’d share some things I’ve tried lately that I discovered are either not as bad as I thought or pretty darn good:

  1. Decaf coffee – I know I know. Decaf is for people we hate! But my doctor told me I drink too much caffeine (this might be true, I’m not going to debate the merits of this statement) and I should try to limit how much I’m drinking. Thing is, I LOVE coffee itself, so I switched to decaf after my first cup. It’s not as bad as I thought.
  2. Cottage cheese with fruit – I have no idea why, but a couple of weeks back I impulsively bought Muuna pineapple to try at lunch. Courtney had written about it and said it was delicious, but I don’t know why I just had to have it that day in the store. I’m a Greek yogurt girl! Well I bought it and I don’t regret it. I always thought cottage cheese was gross, but the small, soft curd is really pretty good. (I’ve had some tweets with the company and while I offered to taste test some, today’s mention is all on me.)
  3. Beets – I don’t know why I didn’t like these before, maybe it was how they were prepped? I don’t think either of my parents eat them so we never had them as kids. I’ve had beet greens in salads before (that’s really good, they’re sweet) but other than beets in an occasional dish, hadn’t really had them. Well, I tried them recently – I think they were roasted in olive oil – and they were really good!

I’ve always said I’m game for trying new things, but maybe I need to up that a little. What have  you tried lately that was unexpectedly really good?

About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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