Hi Nanny


I can’t believe she was drinking that that day.

This pic popped up in my On this Day on fb today. It’s from a cold rainy day at the camp about 7 or so  years ago…

Last weekend I took some time off of house stuff to go out to my family’s camp. It was my Nanny’s favorite summer place.

There were cousins to see, hugs for NotSoSweetPea before she leaves town, and kisses and cuddles for my nephew before he went back to his mother’s.

There was a lot of love to spread around and absorb from everyone. It’s how she loved it. And us.

A few of us were down by the water chatting on the dock in the hot sunshine and what not when a pale yellow butterfly flitted by us. It seemed to kiss the air around each of us girls (Sorry, J!) and then continued on its way.

As it flew off, NotSoSweetPea and I said in unison, “Hi Nanny, love you too.” Our cousins sort of looked at us oddly but shrugged and went back to their beers.

Soph said, “Totally was her.”

See, Nanny stops by to see me sometimes. Usually as a butterfly or dragonfly, but sometimes as a cloud or person. Or sale. Once it was as a very grumpy looking bird (she hated birds). NotSoSweetPea says the same thing about seeing Nanny in places. She checks in on us, seemingly when we need to see her the most.


This wasn’t it but it looked like this.
I couldn’t get a pic of it so this is from google image.

It doesn’t surprise me that she stopped by the lake at all to see us. She loved having all of us around on holiday weekends during the summer. (Or really any time.)

What surprised me was a few days later when I saw the same type of pale yellow butterfly both on the way down to the water and later as I drove the 4 wheeler back to the house to get some more drinks and some ice pops.

She found me there too and left me feeling so very loved.

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I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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