Thursday 10 – Things I have to finish on the house…

19511188_10102879236329272_2840699550157512759_nI’m going in what feels like a thousand directions right now but is mostly just GET HOUSE STUFF DONE. (And see my bro and nephew as much as I can while they’re in town. And to fit in a brief appearance at a family party at the camp.)

I’m pleased to report that if everything goes well over the weekend I’ll have it done by Wednesday. It sort of has to be! That’s when the real estate agent is coming over to take pictures and I want the house to look good for them.

Before Wednesday morning I need to do the following: (I should note that I just got a text from my dad that he’s painting one of the doors right now.)

  • Paint both front doors and shutters
  • Find and replace ceiling tiles in downstairs bathroom
  • Clean up front landscaping/ mow lawn
  • Hang rest of doors inside (including closet doors even though I hate them)
  • Paint lower cabinets, paint cabinet doors and rehang
  • Trim and paint bathroom
  • Clear clutter!
  • Reorganize craft room.
  • Clean bedrooms (This actually might just be to shove everything in the closet for now, but hell it’ll work.)
  • Dust, clean sills, mop etc.

It sounds like a lot but I’m a pretty fast painter. I’ve had a lot of practice.


About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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