Friday Coffee quickie

No, not that kind, although I’m not opposed. I’m actually writing this late Thursday night – technically Friday morning but I wanted to make sure I said hi. I do love our Friday chats.

I’m facilitating a training today for new members of the association I work for so I’ll be hitting the ground running as soon as I’m up. I likely will have about 6 cups of coffee. I’ll see about making some of that decaf. Or partially.

I love meeting the new people and getting them started, but this one’s a little different. See I’m only doing today so the main facilitator can see how we do it and get more answers because my department was cut from the program. It’s a little bittersweet.

You know what else is bittersweet? I had my last scheduled Wednesday night at the pool. I’ve worked Wednesday nights for so long I’m not sure I’ll know what to do with myself. Next week I’m on a road trip with my bro (hashtag #CandMofftoseetheOG if you want to follow along on Instagram) and the week after I will HAVE to make sure the house is ready for listing. Frank and I agreed to a July 1 deadline but I’d rather get it done before that…it’ll be cutting it close.

But, I’m going to miss some of the Wednesday night kids. It’s so weird which kids stick with you. Some I had for years are barely a blip on my memory radar but others I had for just a few months are still with me. I hope they don’t forget me either.

Anyway! I hope you have a great weekend! If you need me I’ll be ripping out and replacing the bathroom and maybe painting the kitchen if things get really wild.

Please feel free to come help if you want.

About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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