Thursday Three – Guest Posts I loved

It seems I’ve picked up a few new readers lately (even though I took quite the break from any sort of real blogging. I don’t know how long this push will last, so just enjoy it while it’s here. Around here, Thursdays are for Thursday Three (or 13 occasionally) and Guest Posts. (There are some great ones in the list there.)

I haven’t had any guest posts in awhile so let me tell you about them.

They’re to give space for someone who has something to say/share but not a venue to do so. They’re to give someone who wants to offer commentary on an issue or topic, but can’t do so on their blog. They bring a little bit of the outside community in to this corner of the internet. (Here’s the rules and how to go about doing it.)

I’ve been super duper lucky through the years regarding guest blog posts and thought I would take a moment to revisit some favorites.

  1. Working with WOAR – by my dear friend Robbie. She wrote about her work with a not-for-profit advocacy group she works with and the important work they do.
  2. Red Lipstick by BatGirl. She talks about turning 30 and what it meant to her.
  3. MJ has an announcement – by the Bro when he told us he was being sent “home” That time has come to a close and he is off again, but it was a really great day. (And stretch of time to have him a few hours and not a plane ride away.)

I’m thinking about bringing back three world game but if you ever have a post you want to write or something to say, please let me know.

Lastly, you don’t have to be a person to write for me. Brodsmontana wrote one too. (Even though I’m pretty sure he thinks he’s people.)

Who’s in?

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