Coffee date


This didn’t actually capture the color of the sky, but the storm was insanely beautiful and intense.
My kind of storm.

How are you today? I’m currently sipping on regular Folgers with a scoop of hot fudge and some coconut creamer. It’s a nice little treat to jump start today.

What’s in  your cup?

Today is clearly going to be a 3 or 4 cup of coffee kind of day. Last night’s show was awesome but it went late because of the storm that blew through. And what a storm it was! Thunder, lightening, rain blowing sideways, orange sky. Man, I love a good storm. Momma doesn’t like it when I go out side in a storm so being under the cover in the balcony at SPAC last night was pretty much the next best thing. (Even inside we were pretty wet before it was done. Many thanks to E for bringing an extra poncho!)

Although I technically have a month before summer actually starts, it was a great night to kick off my summer. I’m terrible at doing “lists of things” (like bucket lists) but I’m thinking of loosely outlining some some summer to-dos based on this. Think of it as Court’s Summer Bucket List (#cssummertodolist).

One of the thing’s that’s been added is to download new music (or old favorites) with the stash of iTunes cards I found in my desk drawer. How did I not use them already? One of the albums I’m looking at is this Temple of the Dog. I don’t know if I never knew about it (How?!?) but now that I do, I must have it. (I listened to it on Amazon Prime this morning (G-dBless Amazon Prime) and I recognize a bunch of the stuff off it. What else should I be sure to download?  (Side note: Chris Cornell? Very sad. Can we please put the rest of the talent from that time in a bubble and keep them safe?)

So what’s new? Any exciting summer plans? Seriously, any new/old music for me? I’m also looking for running tunes.

What are you up to this weekend? I have a riveting schedule of Saturday at the pool (all day) and nothing on Sunday. Well, yoga class and maybe brunch, but nothing much other than that. I think I’m going to catch a t-Ball game after work though and that should be fun. I’m hoping the concession stand has lolly pops.

Whatever you do this weekend, please have a wonderful time, find smiles, and laughs.

About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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