Coffee Date and a little #AtoZChallenge: R


This little guy is going to be an apple someday.
If the weather keeps cooperating.

Friday, you’re late! No, not really, but I missed you so it feels like it. I had a real hankering for chocolate donut coffee today so I stopped at Target on the way into work to pick some up. They had 14 different kinds of vanilla and hazelnut, but didn’t have any chocolate. I wasn’t going to spend $12 on the mocha flavored box so I went to find chocolate syrup.

I found hot fudge first. I’m not disappointed at all.

So how are you? What’s in your cup? Did you make it through Lent and Passover? (If you observe either.) I got a lot of what I wanted to get done for Lent accomplished, but not the running. I made my hamstring angry again (up where it connects to my sit bone) so running was off the table. It did make it possible to finish more projects, write more letters, and clean out some clothing though. Next year’s tax return is growing!

(I did abstain from peanut butter, peanut sauce, and peanut butter chocolate candy for the entire duration of Lent. High five! I’ve also opened a new jar at my desk this week.)

I’m hoping to tackle some more projects this weekend. Crap weather and few plans? While napping sounds excellent, I can do a few projects around the house. Speaking of projects, I was lamenting to BatGirl yesterday that home improvement stores need a “buy this room/project” button. I was looking at some bathrooms for the “refresh” and man, digging through the site to find the individual items is for chumps.

I managed to find items I wanted though, so that’s cool. Now to just figure out a time to tear apart the bathroom to redo it! I was feeling bold yesterday and thought, why not? I have a free weekend! It’s supposed to be crappy! Let’s do it!

Today I’m feeling much less daring. There’s plumbing involved after all…Electrical stuff, okay, but I’m not all about plumbing – yet. It might be something I regret.

Speaking of, how about today’s ‘ku?

r is for regrets
but don’t think have any
maybe retrospect

a few things i’d change
maybe? but not things i did
many choices made

some i’d make again
even questionable ones
but don’t laugh at that!

everything taught me
something i needed to learn
sometimes more than once

late nights we spent out
bonding, making memories,
new friends and foes too

add to who i am
and what i bring to the world
i can’t give that back

The closest thing to a regret I have is considering going back to DJZ after how horrible he was to me. (But you know what? I learned a lot from that.) I might regret being gunho about a bathroom redo too, but I bet I’d learn a lot from it!

Do you have any regrets?

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