#AtoZChallenge A-L

Fotor_149038720673227i was supposed to
join an april blog challenge
it seems i didn’t

so to play catch up
i’ll write a haiku each day
today you get twelve

i hope coach daddy
appreciates my effort
catch up to the game


a is for about
about me, or about you?
alright, i’ll go first

i’m me: sassy, bold
kindhearted, smart-assed, loving
creative, works hard

liberally minded
but i’ll listen to your views
unless you’re a jerk

now your turn to tell
something random about you
doesn’t matter what!


b is for baking
it’s something i love dearly
soothes my troubled soul

isn’t a “food” blog
more “whatever i want” blog
focus? not my thing


c is for courtney
or if you’re a friend? court’s fine
only those real close

get to use nicknames
but those who get to use them?
know just what they are


d’s for delurking
i invite you to delurk
with this one, say hi!

guilty of it, too
i’ll be sure make a point
to say hi to you!


e is for enough
it’s something i struggle with
being and doing

i am good enough
do enough, try hard enough
and i should know this

but often i feel
like i sure don’t measure up
i’m working on it


f is for frisky
what? you never feel that way?
embrace it, own it

i try to keep it
pg round here, but sometimes
owning it might show

have no fear though mom
there will be a disclaimer
if i’m going there


g is for my girls
sounds trite, this i know for sure
but i have the best

crew we’ve created
and i surround myself with
amazing humans

kind, loyal, funny
beautiful hearts, souls, and minds
nice butts all of them

i’m the luckiest
because they all have my back
in good times and bad

if the reflection
of me is seen in my friends
i’m doin’ okay


h is for help, oh?
as in me asking for it
i’m not good at that

i’m working on it
getting better at asking
for help when needed


i is for inkling
psychic bubble if you will
my gut knows a lot

don’t always listen
but when it says something clearly
often wish i had


j is for joking
love a good sense of humor
laughs? key to my heart

but not just jokes though
wit, quips, sarcasm, kid, bawdy
it all works for me


k is for kindness
choosing to be kind
not always easy

but it’s always right
it might not look like you think
might be hard to do

better in the end
treat everyone with kindness
and respect in life


l is for love, yes
love exists in many forms
friendship, romantic

somewhere in between
lucky to experience
love in many forms

started my own day
celebrate when/as you will
it’s talentod’s day!


phew that was a lot
of haikus to write for you
now write one for me?

About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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