Checking in and some things I’d forgotten…


Birthday wishes.
Thanks for the cake and candles Daddy-O

Well then, it’s been a hot minute hasn’t it? What can I say? I’ve been distracted and all over the place. The less kids in the pool I mentioned before came with a whole lot of drama to deal with resulting in more hours at the pool, late night phone calls, meetings, emails flying, and a lot of UGH.

I’ve been finalizing a huge presentation and traveling for work to deliver it which took me to Ithaca and Buffalo so far…(Ithaca didn’t go as well as planned due to factors outside of my control but ones I can mitigate not to let happen again) and then a baby shower and the next day back to Buffalo for a bridal shower.

When I ended up with a stomach bug this week, I wasn’t exactly surprised.  Not happy at all, but not surprised.

What I am a little surprised by is how I’d forgotten just how much I love Ithaca, how much I don’t like solo road trips, how the right pair of jeans can be ego boosting, and how ending a crazy stretch of days with a fire under the stars lets you take a deep breath and just be.

I’d forgotten what it feels like to sit down with a friend of 20+ years that you haven’t seen a whole lot of in the last 10 and literally pick up right where you left off in both depth of conversation and height of laughter. It had been far too long, but his voice and his hug were both familiar and comfortable around me. In a weird way, it was sort of the perfect way to spend a birthday I wasn’t excited to have.

I’d forgotten what it was like to get not so great reviews on a presentation and have to take matters into your own hands so it didn’t happen again. It’s been a long time and I can do better, damn it.

I’d forgotten what it feels like to be the driver in a 4+ hour each way road trip and how I was seriously considering hiring a driver for the next time or taking the train because I feel like driving is a waste of time I could be doing other stuff. If I hadn’t finished my “due” projects in the days before this trip it would have made me seriously antsy.

And I won’t forget how the stranger who liked what he saw in those jeans? His words and the way he looked at me will stay with me. Thank you random person.

What have you unexpectedly been reminded of lately?

No, I don’t put all that much stock in strangers opinions of me, but when someone makes it a point to go out of their way to say something very flattering on a day I’m struggling with how I look and feel about myself physically? It sticks with me. It was also came with a look that was very reminiscent of a look LN would given me, so I have to wonder if he had a hand in it.

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1 Response to Checking in and some things I’d forgotten…

  1. Sue says:

    It’s funny how a little thing like a stranger’s comment can mean so much, huh?

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