Thursday Three – Things I still do today (but for different reasons) that I did in my younger days…

smiptempJPGLast night after a couple of hours at the pool I headed home, excited to have leftover Chipotle for dinner. I was a little grumpy when I realized that I hadn’t put gas in my car as I intended to do during the day. I meant to go out at lunch, but then didn’t take a lunch. Sigh.

I was also grumpy with myself for not remembering to take pants with me that I could put on after the pool.

After I put about $10 in my car, I hopped back into my seat and smiled. There was a day $10 was a necessity, not a choice. In my 20 min or so drive back to my place, I thought about how different life was now and that got me thinking about the things I still did the same sometimes, but for very different reasons.

  1. Put a small amount of gas in my car. How much gas I put in my car often used to be tied to how much money I had in my account at that time. Not that I have a lot of money now, but I usually don’t have to think about how much is in my account to put gas in my car, for which I’m thankful! Now I’m more likely to consider how cold it is and how long I can stand being outside.
  2. Eat a bowl of frozen veggies and peanut sauce and call it dinner. I used to be seriously calorie/fats conscious and really worried about gaining weight. (I really wanted to get back to a weight that is roughly 60lbs less than I weigh now and the body I had at 15.) I would really limit what I ate. I might pair tofu, some slices of deli turkey, a hard boiled egg , or a string cheese for protein, but I was pretty harsh with myself, and looking back, pretty miserable. Now if I’m eating a bowl of veggies with peanut sauce and calling it dinner? It’s out of pure laziness or exhaustion and usually paired with chicken nuggets, or a whole sammich.
  3. Reach for my dark wash stretchy jeans when getting ready to go out. In college and right after I had some really great dark blue jeans that were my go-tos when getting ready for a night out. They were forgiving, matched everything, and bonus! they made me look thin and my butt look really good! Now, I still reach for my dark wash, stretchy jeans, but while they still match everything and make my butt look good, they’re also forgiving of spills and are really comfortable. Comfort and spill coverage wins.

I’m really lucky (and thankful) to be in a position in my life and heart where I can choose comfort over necessity – it hasn’t always been that way and I’m aware that it might not always be that way. I can only hope I’ve grown enough in the last 15 years that there are more comfortable days than not.

What do you do the same as you did before but for different reasons now?

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I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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1 Response to Thursday Three – Things I still do today (but for different reasons) that I did in my younger days…

  1. Kristie says:

    Amen sister! Long have gone those necessity days for me, and I hope they never return.

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