This is why I don’t take Nyquil…alternate title, Maybe I should take more Nyquil?

Insomnia hasn’t been stopping by lately, which is awesome, but it also means I’m dreaming more. To say my dreams are vivid would be an understatement. They’re REAL. As in vivid enough that when I wake up sometimes I’m mad at people in my dreams and or have to really think about what took place to figure out if it actually happened.

Since they’re so real, vivid, and can be crazy without any help, I only take things like Nyquil if I really need them to sleep. That stuff takes my dreams to a whole other level of real, vivid, and crazy.

I was fighting a head cold recently and I was so miserable that about 2am I finally caved and took some meds. Luckily, this one wasn’t a bad dream, but it was crazy and felt real…and was wicked fun.

So I was traveling to Boston, which was actually located in Laos (or somewhere, we weren’t far from Phucket, I kept seeing signs advertising for it). Immediately upon landing, I met up with someone I apparently was dating (?) which I’m assuming because we started making out immediately. I really don’t know, but we played tourist for a few days.

It seems my family apparently had a camp/cabin/cottage wherever I was but I wasn’t staying there, only stopping by for dinner every day or so. One day, boyfriend dude and I were playing tourist on a beach near a forest taking pictures, frolicking in the surf, and just being goofballs. We looked over and saw kids being rounded up and seemingly snatched up into dark green cargo vans.

We were arguing about what to do when the kidnappers realized we saw them and started chasing us!

Have you seen Night at the Museum? (Love those movies.) The kidnappers looked like the Huns with ponytails and black polo shirt/slack get ups and a slightly cartoonish vibe. They weren’t actually scary, but we felt the need to run.

So we ran. And ran. Thorough the weird city by the forest and beach, down alleys, through crowds, and crossing streets in front of weird stacked trucks until we got to  my families cottage and barricaded ourselves in with a 150 year old dresser thingie.

Phew. Safe from the weird cartoonish well groomed Huns, thank you old dresser thing.

While we regrouped, my aunt realized I was wearing a bikini and my running shoes and not much else. It was getting cooler so she took me her LuLaRoom to find clothes to wear and instructions to take whatever I needed. Her collection was impressive. It sort of reminded me of this picture, but on 3 instead of just one wall.

from here
Ultimately, I woke up right after I pulled some clothes on and made out with boyfriend dude again so I don’t really know if this dream had a good or bad ending, but it was a fun one while it lasted.

I knew this one was a dream while it was going on because while I know who the guy was in my dream, he’s not someone I’d ordinarily consider making out with…nor would I be running through some unknown city in a bikini. Or wearing on in the first place.

Have any good/bad dreams lately?

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1 Response to This is why I don’t take Nyquil…alternate title, Maybe I should take more Nyquil?

  1. Kristie says:

    As a crazy dream haver myself, this one sounds like it was quite fun.

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