Five on Friday

If you’re here from Coach Daddy, hello! Welcome. Did you participate in the Six Words for Eli? (If you’re not visiting from Coach Daddy, this post is what I’m talking about.)


Thank you. Have a kiss.

So before I get started, I’m fine. Really I am. I’ve just been focused on other things for the last few weeks. Like being good to myself and doing things that make my heart happy. And things like work. Not that work isn’t good, but it doesn’t always make my heart happy. And looking for a more flexible playcheck job that doesn’t require large chunks of Saturday mornings and has staff more willing to work. (Seriously, I don’t get college kids who don’t want to work.)

There’s been a lot out there lately that doesn’t make my heart happy or feel at peace (presidential administration, people who don’t help, germs, people who are intentionally mean to others for no good reason, I could go on, but I’ve been trying to let go of things I can’t control.) but here’s some things that have specifically made my heart happy lately:

  1. Writing in my journal a few times a week with a mug of tea in hand. “Happy” might be the wrong word here, but “free” and/or “peaceful” might be a little better.
  2. Laughing at myself when I do thinks like spill coffee all over the counter at the store. (After I feel terrible about making a mess that is.) Or when I realized I wasn’t actually broken or bleeding after falling down the front steps. I know other people will pick on me for my achem, grace, so why not get my own laughs out of it?
  3. As much as I think about leaving the pool there are good parts! Dear friends midweek visits to bring kiddos to swim, my swim team working so very hard and making me proud, and the amount on the playcheck after working insane hours.
  4. I’ve received a lot of compliments on my tattoos lately. Some from kiddos, some from adults, one lady said, “I had a necklace like that once upon a time!” I told her, “So did my grandma, I used it to design this.” Her pretty blue eyes sparkled as she told me she was pretty sure my grandma would be really proud of me. I may have teared up a bit.
  5. People I love having love and adventure themselves. New babies, trips abroad, new jobs, trying new things, falling in love, people being brave and facing challenges with a can-do attitude and positive outlook.

Having a happy heart and being at peace has become important to me. Sometimes I have to make a conscious choice to do things or find things but I’m lucky to have the friends, family, and resources to make it happen.

What’s made your heart happy lately?

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I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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1 Response to Five on Friday

  1. Eli Pacheco says:

    No 5 is my favorite. Thanks for sharing the six words, and for appreciating stuff that happens to those you care about!

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