(Flight and) Road Trip! #CandMofftoseetheOG


This was right before he tried to lick my face and knocked me ass over teakettle. Too bad MJ didn’t get a pic of that!

I realized I never recapped my trip with The Bro over Thanksgiving. While I had a crap ton of fun, I don’t know that others would find it super exciting. It started with a way too early flight I might have missed because my first cab company didn’t come get me, a lovely chat with a woman while we waited for coffee at the airport, passing out in my seat before take off and a lay over in BWI I got to have gluten free french toast during. (Highfive Silver Diner!)

I conked out again between BWI and Kansas City. I waved at Leavenworth as we drove by, but we didn’t go into the prison (not allowed) or onto base. (I got there on Thanksgiving so nothing was open.) We did check out Wal-mart for some dinner options and some supplies for the trip, though. I love going to people watch in local Wal-marts.

I also did get to see (and more importantly, throw the ball for!) my Brodyman, say, “We’re not in Kansas anymore”, have good talks with The Bro, experience driving Taco (The Bro’s Tacoma), and do some Black Friday Outlet poking around/shopping.

We ate some pretty good food, spent a lot of time playing with OG and even went to the Zoo! It was pretty chilly that day so a lot of animals were inside, but I wouldn’t mind seeing it on a warmer day with more animals!


Aunt Court snuggles.

We also took OG to the pool – which he LOVES thank goodness. Let me tell you, that boy loves the pool, splashing himself and others and watching us be goofballs.

He also loves ketchup, his daddy, running after the ball, sleeping in the bed with you, and taking his socks off in the car seat. He’s a big fan of slides and swings too and most of the time, me.

Love that little guy. He’s such a little character. It was hard to see him go.

The trip back had me driving while The Bro did Calc homework, navigating end of the holiday weekend traffic and trying to find something to eat before my 2 am return to the airport.

I flew home with my heart full, any sleep reserves I may have had depleted, and a little more in love with a small blonde boy with really big hands that match my own.



About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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1 Response to (Flight and) Road Trip! #CandMofftoseetheOG

  1. Jill levy says:

    Ive done a similar road trip in that direction and omg is kansas boring. Dan’s jext assignment which he will prob turn down could be leavenworth for school with the army. Please say hi to your brother! Glad you got to see OG i bet he’s a cutie!

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