Diet rebootish…


Dinner ~30% of the time up til this week.

I should note the word “diet” here to means the food I put in my body as opposed to restricting to lose weight. I’ve lost what’s becoming a noticeable amount lately, but it hasn’t been even close to a healthy way. I think I’m mentally paying the consequences for it now.

Which means the people around me might be too. I’m sorry. I’ll get my head out of my ass now and take better care of myself. Self care is something I’m trying to focus more on.

I know what to eat to feel good, healthy, sleep well, etc. I also know what not to eat. Gluten is still a definite no go. I experimented a few times over the last few months with different beverages and unintentionally with some foods I shouldn’t have.

I also know sugar and dairy are also on my list of things to be more mindful of. Does this mean no more milk in my coffee, milkshakes, cheese, sour cream based dips, cookies, cupcakes etc? Not even close. Girl has to live after all! But half and half, treats every day and having cereal for dinner need to stop. Or maybe just not be a staple.

Is it possible one can not live on cereal, frozen veggies with peanut sauce, vitamins, wine and coffee for 80% of their diets? I don’t see why it couldn’t be so (I did before!), but maybe after 30 it’s a bad idea.

So, while I’m home or at the office, I stick to my coconut creamer, more salads/veggie meals and if I want a cookie, cupcake or brownie, I have to bake it myself. I’ve also said, “See you later” to my Bully Hill. It’s not doing me any favors right now.

I know. “Promises, promises, Court!” But I’m going to try. The alternative hasn’t been fun. I also need to start being more kind to myself so I’m going to start with what I tell my swim kids, “I don’t care if you CAN do it today. I care if you TRY TO do it today.”

Now to ignore the Mounds bar in my cabinet for emergencies.

(It should be noted that if you cook for me or suggest we go out for burgers or gluten free pancakes? I will eat the gf food you make or jump on the chance for a burger or gluten free pancakes. Especially if it comes with fries and/or bacon. I like food and burgers and pancakes make me happy.)

About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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