Friday Five – What to remember from 2016

I don’t know if you’ve seen it, facebook made year in review videos for us! No, I’m not posting mine. It mostly didn’t highlight the things I want to remember from this year. Also then you would know that I liked 23,330 posts/photos/links shared on facebook this year. I feel like that might be a low estimate, but considering I seriously cut back on social media in the second half of 2016 it might be right.

2016 has been a rather conflicting year for me. There were some very high, highs, and some really low, lows. I was inspired, I was creatively stifled. I met some really amazing people, I met some real shit heads. I welcomed babies and new friends, we said goodbye to others. I think it was a very balanced year and although there is still some personal conflict, I’m okay.

But what do I want to remember from this year?

  1. I want to remember that I was and continue to be brave. Maybe more brave than I ever have been in my whole life. (Short of the year I took off from college.)
  2. I want to remember that I feel/felt love. I know I have the very best friends and family a girl could ask for but this year reminded me of that in spades. I also did my best to be a good friend and want to remember those moments too.
  3. I want to remember that I thrive on meeting others, connecting with them, and laughing but I also recharge mentally and emotionally in the sunshine and quiet.
  4. I want to remember the deep breaths and the moments I let things go. I may have fallen off on the number of yoga classes I attended, but the lessons I’ve learned in them have been helpful this year.
  5. I want to remember the stumbles as well as the triumphs. Lord knows there were stumbles, but I’ve landed on my feet so far, even if it meant dusting myself off. (Knock on wood I keep being able to!)

As 2016 quickly draws to a close, I want to thank those of you who have been active participants and also those along for the ride for this year. It’s been a doozie in a lot of ways, and while I have a lot of moments of self doubt, I’m in a mostly good place.

What do you want to remember from 2016?

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I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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