Where do we go from here?

(I’m not a political wonk. I’m sharing my thoughts and you don’t have to agree with them. Let’s keep it civil with each other.)15036647_1117580081629618_8679546647093596601_n

I don’t often talk about political things, I have my beliefs, you have yours. I know that mostly, I can’t change yours and while I’ll listen to you, you’re not going to change mine.

I’m stubborn like that. You probably are too and that’s okay.

Last night as the votes came in and the electoral college votes were doled out (a system I believe needs to go by the way of the dinosaurs btw) my heart was racing and I was thisclose to a full blown anxiety attack.

But it dawned on me that right then, last night, I couldn’t do anything more than say a prayer and ask that my friends and family be protected and this not turn into the balagan it could become. My vote was cast and NY polls had long ago closed. I could watch and be upset, but I couldn’t change anything last night.

I chose to do something soul soothing, have some tea, and write a dear friend a letter.

I can’t say I’m surprised there is so much hatred, bigotry, sexism and old white dudes who are terrified of a female having power that they’d show it by electing Trumpelstiltskin. I also know  there were a lot of people who didn’t want him, but didn’t want her more. I guess what surprises me is that there wasn’t more love out there to balance it. (Or a better option to begin with for that matter.)

I know there are parts of the country (even my state) where this exists and honestly, Trumpelstiltskin’s campaign offered Change. There’s a lot of people out there who want change and drank his rhetorical kool-aid. I guess he was an easy answer to a complicated situation? (Yes, I’m over simplifying it. This is a blog post, not a dissertation.)

I don’t believe in my heart he is who the vast majority of this country wanted in office. The popular vote is currently reflecting that fact. The question becomes, how do we fix it so 4 years from now he (or someone worse) doesn’t get another term?

Where do we go from here?

I don’t know who dropped the ball, but the ball was dropped. Let’s pick it up and move on together.  Love each other. Hold each other up. When you see something wrong, speak out against it. Don’t forget what our mothers and grandmother’s fought for so we have the liberties we do. Be human to each other, a kind, decent human being even if you don’t agree with your neighbor. If social programs are cut, find a way to help. Build communities. Teach children love, acceptance, and kindness. Do the right thing, even if our leader(s) don’t always show they can.

And remember that while the Presidential election is a big deal, mid-term elections offer another chance for our voices to be heard – and in the current political landscape, may be a bigger deal. VOTE IN THESE TOO!!! Write letters and annoy the bejebus out of contact your representatives, know what’s on the line locally to help shape the bigger picture. Maybe run for local office (town/city councils, school boards, etc). Research the voting laws in your state so you can vote in primaries! (As an unaffiliated voter, I couldn’t in NY and that made me grumpy.)

Start with a deep breath and see what you can do to enact the change you want to see.

(Anecdotally, I counted 8-12 people in my news feed who voted for him. Clearly I’m friends with caring, smart, individuals. Or those who don’t want to share their thoughts. It’s also possible I already unfollowed them.)

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