Friday Five


This doggie jumped out of her car to come see me and say hello.
If I hadn’t had to be on the pool deck for several hours that morning, I might have taken her home with me.
It’s not dog-napping if they come to you, right?

Gosh. Friday you’ve arrived you beautiful thing, you. It was one of those weeks I didn’t think you’d come around, but you always come through. Eventually.

Let’s get a quickie Friday Five in before it’s time to commence weekend activities of work, work, work, and then play by the pool with some babes.

  1. I’ve been looking at puppies again. It’s come pretty close to sending the email off to go meet them but I was stopped when a friend said to me, “Court, really? A mastiff/great dane mix? This falls under ‘Not Your Best Idea’ category. You’ll have to work a second job JUST TO FEED IT.” (Kill joy, but I suppose they had a point.) One of these days…
  2. I haven’t been blogging much because my hands feel tied about some things I really want to talk about, but I’m not allowed to. Know that my nephew is awesome (finally growing into his head), my friends are great, and I have some plans in the works.
  3. My cousin got married a couple of weeks ago. It was a great wedding, she was beautiful, it was ridiculously fun, and my family is awesome. We really like her dude and his family. Well, I really like him, The Bro and Miz think he’s “okay”. (In fairness, that’s pretty high praise from them.)
  4. I will never understand high-school and college kids not wanting to take hours at the pool. Ms.Bix and company and I took literally all the hours we could when we were in high-school and college. I mean really. It’s okay, I’ll take them I guess…
  5. I’m so far behind my book reading and reviews it’s not even funny. I’ll have to read a bunch on my upcoming plane trips and get my butt in gear on the reviews or they’ll stop giving me free books!

What’s up in your world? Have a quick Friday Five for me?

About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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