Good things 2016: Um, lately

Fotor_146326166047689It’s important to remember the things that are good in life. It reminds me how blessed I really am and also helps to ease the sting of the bad. I’m incredibly lucky, there’s more good than bad (Knockonwood!) and I want to document how thankful I am for it.

I’ve been remiss in doing these posts, but want to get back on track. Here’s a few weeks worth of  Good Things:

  • Hugs from wonderful human beings
  • Not getting my purse snatched in Wilmington, DE as happened to someone right after I went into a shop
  • Reasonably easy travel
  • Meeting new people
  • A coat of paint making my like my kitchen again
  • Pics of my nephew
  • Amazing food, drinks, and people in Chicago
  • Very large work project being over.
  • Sharing stories about meaningful tattoos
  • Honest conversations with Frank about the future and what it might look like.
  • Getting back into the swing of things and some normalcy
  • Laughing with kiddos on the pool deck
  • Pleasing bossman.
  • Frank.
  • New teas to try (Tea Forte being my new favorite. You have to try the Blueberry  Merlot and Iced Ginger Pear. They aren’t paying me to say nice things about them, but if they wanted to, I wouldn’t be opposed. I just really liked their tea!
  • Fun exchanges on Twitter with the shows I like’s hosts
  • Surprise Brodyman visit!
  • Long weekend after a crappy few days.
  • RugRat little sister graduated from college
  • Trashy novels
  • Colored ink pens
  • sushi lunch and shopping with Sue
  • Pen pals
  • Chia “pudding” <– was surprised that I liked this so much. I’ve taken to eating it instead of yogurt.
  • Grilling season

Good reads

Favorite Photo:


First bit of the kitchen done. Slowly working on the rest.

Favorite Song:

My friend Andy has teamed up with a few other talented musicians to form Whippoorwillow and is currently working on putting together an album. If you’d like to help out that endeavor you can do so here.

How have you been? What made you smile? Tell me about one of your successes? Read anything good this week?

About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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