Reading more: A Star Called Lucky

book squareA Star Called Lucky by Bapsy Jainh was provided at no charge to me through my partnership with NetGalley. The opinions are my own. You can see other books I’ve reviewed here.

A Star Called Lucky. Hm. Well?

From the back cover (according to Amazon):

Lucky is back, feeling grounded in her new life, until fate throws her a blow and an unexpected duo turns her life into a tailspin. From this moment, Lucky unknowingly steps into the secret and dangerous world of corrupt politics, forcing her to take another voyage across continents.Will this journey destroy the faith in humanity she’s worked so hard to achieve? Or will her resilient spirit bring her closer to understanding the delicate balance between love and life? It’s up to Lucky to trust her intuition and cleverly navigate the intricate web that connects a mysterious Buddhist monk, a computer savant and an elusive Tibetan doctor. Through a series of puzzling encounters, Lucky must uncover who is hiding the most damaging secret before the authorities begin to suspect her

This book reminded me that reading the first in a series can be important. I don’t know that I actually knew that it was a sequel either. It was an okay standalone book, but it didn’t do much to grab me or keep me interested. The characters were likable enough and the plot was alright if a little slow and far fetched even for me. This book just wasn’t for me.

Is this something you’d read? Why or why not?

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