Five on Friday 2016 #1 Speed typing edition


Dinner is served.
We’re fancy.
Or not.

Well it’s Friday and I swear to all things holy like my shoe collection that if Frank starts singing that damn song we’re going to be starting today off on the wrong foot.

Are you familiar with that song? Goodness it has to go away.

Has this week seemed like it went on forever to anyone else? Wednesday morning I commented to a colleague that it’s been Friday for 3 days and I was seriously disappointed to find out otherwise.

I don’t have time for a coffee date today and am typing this super fast. You should see all the red squiggly lines under the text where I’m spelling things incorrectly! I thought a 5 on Friday would be fun. Here’s five things for you.

  1. I’m down to 59 books to read and or review for NetGalley. I’ve read some of them but have to put my thoughts together on them. I have a few more written that will be published in the coming weeks but up next for reading is The Witch of Painted Sorrows by M. J. Rose.
  2. I’ve been spending some break time and lunch time at work coloring by page a day coloring calendar. When they’re done to my liking, I post them on my cork board for something nice to look at when I need to regroup. I’m lacking a yellow pen though. I may have to go to the craft store to fix this issue. (First world problems, right?)
  3. It just took me 7 tries to get “bulletin” spelled correctly so I gave up and changed it to “cork”. Then I googled it to find out how to spell it. I suppose I could go back and change it, but I’ve already typed all these other words so why bother?
  4. Brody goes back to my brother this weekend. They miss each other terribly but we’re going to miss him a lot too. I anticipate between whoremones and missing him, this weekend isn’t going to be super fun. I’ll do my best. Perhaps I’ll sort out my laptop situation. And get a pedicure.
  5. I’d like to give a big shout out (so far) to Amazon for their customer service. An oil I ordered was open when it arrived and leaking in the box. I contacted them and they’ve so far refunded my money for that item and are waiving expedited shipping for the replacement. Yes this is what they should do, but not every company does what they should do.

What five things would you like to share with me or ask me today?

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I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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