Thursday three – Kinds of muffins I made last night for a good cause.


Banana Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip

It turns out, I’m a sucker for doing something for a good cause. Really a sucker. I’m okay with that because it’s part of who I am and indicative of my giving nature and heart.

(I’ve also learned to say no, sorry I can’t right now, but when I can help, I do.) Why do I do this? I don’t know? Giving back feels good and I’m a lucky duck so I should pass it on? Also this time it resulted in extra muffins for me. Bonus.

When my friend Julie posted that she was looking for donations for an upcoming bake sale I offered to make some muffins for a bake sale she’s involved in with proceeds going to the local food pantry.

Hunger and food insecurity is a real problem and when I help the food pantry, I feel like I’m feeding people. I like to feed people.

We chatted a bit about what she wanted and I came up with doing blueberry (always a crowd pleaser), apple cinnachip, and banana peanut butter chocolate chip. When I got the email reminding me that I was supposed to bake for Julie, I got really excited.


Frank’s Apple Cinnachip Mini Loaf.
He said, “Yummy.”

I used this for the blueberry and apple cinnachip (I swapped out blueberries and apples for raspberries and cinnachips for white chocolate.) and this one for banana peanut butter chocolate chip but added half a cup of peanut. (I’ve also made that one with cinnachips instead of chocolate chip and it was really good.)

All in all I ended up making 5 dozen muffins and a couple of mini loaves with left over batter. I couldn’t try the apple cinnachip because they weren’t gluten free, but Frank enjoyed the mini loaf for a mid morning snack.

Question for you. Do you bake for bake sales or do you ask for help? What would you make/ask for if you were part of one?

*I should probably tell you what cinnachips are. Hershey’s makes them and they can be hard to find in the stores except over the winter holiday season. I stock up then. I think you can get them online and have it on good authority you can buy them at Hershey Park.*

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I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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1 Response to Thursday three – Kinds of muffins I made last night for a good cause.

  1. Annie says:

    Bake? Bake? Did someone say bake? I miss baking, as it’s usually only the two of us. I baked often for my office back in Albany. I just volunteered to bake something for my monthly quilt group, so I CAN!
    Tho cinnachips… I think I’ll pass. I’m sure your muffins were wonderful!

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