Brodsmontana stayed home with Frank

In early December, The Bro texted me to ask if I’d like to go on a road trip with him to see my nephew over my holiday break. Um, yes!

(If you ask me to go on a road trip and I have the time off from work the answer is likely yes.)

The plan was pretty loosey goosey, we’d travel down on a particular day and I had to be home for some work stuff on a particular day, but in between? The days were ours to do with what we wished.

I decided that I didn’t want to drive out to meet him so I took the train. Great decision! (Cost and time wise it worked out to be just about the same as if I drove it myself but I didn’t have to drive! I consider that a win. The drive there is boring. Granted there’s always the risk the train won’t get in on time, but this time it worked out really well.)


MJ cut me off after 3 of these bad boys.
I don’t know why.

I got there, slept for a few hours and in the morning we climbed in Taco (his new fancy truck) to hit the road. We had coffee, gluten free snacks and sammiches, good tunes and fantastic senses of humor for our trip.

I won’t be posting photos of my nephew, but if you ask me nicely I might send you some. He’s very handsome and has the best laugh. He loves books, Aunt Court, splashing in the tub, cuddles, meeting new people, his fishy blanket I made him, his feet, replying to our questions, chewing on our fingers, trying to blow raspberries, and especially his daddy.

To give you an idea of where we were, it was about 9 hours south of Buffalo and we went through PA, OH, WV, and KY before we got there. My nephew lives with his mom in a very small town not unlike some of the smaller towns back home.  The people we met out and about were really nice, there were a LOT of pharmacies (I think I counted 18 in four small towns), and we had a really nice time visiting with each other. We also took naps when my nephew did. You know how I feel about naps!

It had been a long time since my brother and I have had that much time together, just the two of us and it was lovely to be able to connect with him again as adults. I’m happy to report we still like each other. I’m really happy to have been able to spend this time with the boys.

And a few more pics from our trip…


His favorite toys
His feet and his fishy blanket.


Did you know Mehmere was born in W. Va?


There was actually a town called Pound.
We drove through it a whole bunch of times.

Wonder what my next adventure will be.

About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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